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Request a Module

Request a Module

If you'd like to see a particular Adventurers League module run, post your request here. No guarantees, but no harm in asking.

Here are the available modules: DMs Guild

Would I be able to request Lost Mines of Phandelver?

Would be cool to play through the beginner module with an AL character.

I third that. In process of making an AL-legal character right now, so hoping I can get going as soon as possible.

It is part of the AL.

From (p.14)

Starter Set & Hardcover Adventures
Lost Mine of Phandelver and all official hardcover adventures are considered legal for play in the D&D Adventurers League program. These adventures are best suited for tables which meet regularly (such as private games), but can easily be scheduled in your weekly Adventurers League games, should you choose to do so.

This issue with it that I see is that it's, what, 40-60 hours of gameplay? It'd take like 3 years of PbP to finish it...

I've run LMoP in roll20.

I haven't run a Mythweaver/PbP campaign though. I would be happy enough to run it, if you guys are okay with a new-to-PbP GM?


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