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Titanium Turtles

Titanium Turtles

Just how many monsters do you think are almost worthless in a fight against a party because they are titanium turtles?
Allow me to explain...
Everybody here is familiar with phrases like "glass cannon", characters or monsters that can deal tremendous amounts of damage or devastating effects like stunning, paralysis, even death with the wave of the hand, at the expense of their defensive bottom line. Lousy AC, poor saves, and low HP. Nothing's free, and if a monster goes all out on the offense the defense stands to suffer, sometimes severely.
I don't want to make this a very long post, so I'll just give you a prime example of the glass cannon's monster counterpart, the Death Hag. This is just one example of many, and disrespecting women has got to be through.)
16th level soldier, thousands of XP on the line. Should be a pretty hardcore monster. This is over level 15, so it stands to reason that it should be in the upper tier of them, verging on elite.
170+ HP, and AC and all saves above 30.
+2 to its own saves. For a Hag that seems pretty burly. At any rate it blows its 3.5 counterpart away.
Claw attack: Good chance to hit, makes healing and healing surges IMPOSSIBLE. Nice cookie.
How much average damage?
Lets look at its next power. The flashy, whiz bang, wow-wee! power.
Its only usable 50 percent of the time, and is on a monster in the upper teens. Close burst 3, necrotic damage, attacks a generally low defense at +22, and for every creature it hits it heals itself.
This should really cause a party some grief. So what sort of heinous, OH MY GOD! AND JIMMY'S DRAGONBORN CAN'T EVEN BE HEALED!!! damage does it deal?
9. 9 stinking damage. It almost has twice the levels of the average damage it does with its marquee power.
Come on! Get real! Characters should easily be able to spend a healing surge to heal 2 to 3 times that, no optimization. At all.
What gives?
This creature is a joke. A joke.
You look around, and you'll find plenty of stinkers, plenty of titanium turtles just like this.
All cock and no...

Titatinium turtles have a place though. Is it a solo monster? If not, then it's job is the healing stop and staying alive for battlefield control while the long rage characters attack. It's hard to kill but you can't just ignore it.

Is it safe to assume Titanium turtles are called so because turtles dont do much damage?
in opposite to glass cannons right?

I would ignore it, were I to know the stats.
After the first time the hag whipped out the very best attack it had and love-tapped me for 10 damage I'd either...
Change the focus to a relevant monster
Or, if it was the only monster...
Open up a 55 gallon drum of stomp-ass on it, with glee, taunting it for being a punk.

The Death Hag is a defender. It marks and keeps you from healing so the artillery can attack. DMs can use tactics too.
Remember, in 4e most encounters have 4+ enemies.

It sucks, though.
And a hag shouldn't be a defender.
And even at 16th level don't you think a defender should deal a little more than 9 damage?
Would you be happy with a 6th level melee character dealing 9 damage a round, much less a 16th level monster?

And the M.O. of a dungeon master matching a party up with another party could lead to some hideously long battles.

9 damage, plus 5 damage healed is a 14 hp swing per creature damaged, and if its claw power can keep someone focused on it, it has done its job. Its job is not to deal damage; it is supposed to occupy the party's attention.
And why shouldn't a hag be a defender?

It shouldn't be a total pantywaist.
Can it defend without being a complete pushover?
Some of the fun of D&D is the danger, and I don't feel that some of these creatures are a good enough threat.


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