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Imperial Year Zero - Mission Statement

Imperial Year Zero - Mission Statement


So here's the deal - if you're reading this it means you clicked on the link in my sig 'cuz you were interested in Traveller. Maybe you're an old hand who remembers the freetrader Beowulf or a new captain looking for your first scoutship - either way, welcome! Feel free to kick around and see what I did with the place, browse through the threads, chum it up in the OOC starport and then, if you're good and interested steal everything that isn't nailed down.


Everything you see here 'cept the PC's - i.e. everything run, created or hinted at by me the GM or granted to me and attributed to the Traveller GM's what have gone before - is up for grabs for use in your own Traveller games. Classic, Mongoose, New Era, T5, Cepheus Engine - doesn't matter; You like an NPC, feel free to use 'em, new interstellar faction, have at, maps and or graphics, sure and I'll provide sources where I can to give the original artist credit. If you want to borrow plotlines or run a parallel alt-campaign in this same sandbox, go for it! Long and short if it helps you run a game, it's yours. Because really that's the selfish why of it: I want to see more games of Traveller on the Weave. I want to see Imperial Year Zero become Year One and then Year Two and if the PbP Gods frown upon this game I want its carcass to be picked clean, its narrative DNA spread to the Thousand Worlds and between Stars Without Number. I want Traveller to be something more than a nostalgic rarity for the ones lucky enough to to remember it or an unscratched itch for those of us who stumbled across it after its heyday. I want, y'know, games.

So . . yeah. If anything here can help you run of game of your own take it with my compliments, and I'll be compiling a list of external Traveller related resources I've used to make all this below as well. Onsite you can always check out the Traveller Player Listing to get a sense of the local community. Thanks for reading.

Offsite Resources

Atlas of the Third Imperium - Traveller Map - Searchable, links to the Traveller Wiki right down to the planetary scale and is invaluable for getting the scale and a sense of the relationship between the major powers in a traditional Imperial setting.

The Imperial Encyclopedia - a wiki of 40 odd years worth of Traveller lore and resources, across all the major game lines. Mined extensively in the making of this game.

Sector Map Tool - Traveller Map Maker - made my maps for Reaver's Deep using this tool; used the FASA style, saved the resultant bitmaps then color flipped the image before overlaying it as a transparency over a starfield and resizing it for display.

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