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Rod of Harvest question

Rod of Harvest question

The Rod of Harvest allows a warlock to store a use of her pact boon for later use. However, the description of the item doesn't specify how long the boon is stored or whether it can be triggered from the rod by a warlock with a different pact.

For example, a Star Pact warlock opts to store an instance of Fate of the Void which grants a +2 bonus to any d20 roll in her Rod of Harvest. She is defeated by the PCs before she can make use of the boon stored in the Rod.

If the party contains a Fey Pact or Infernal Pact warlock, can that warlock make use of the Star Pact boon stored in the Rod?

I was thinking the same thing, but a little peer review never hurts.

Obviously, a warlock would only be able to store her own pact boon in the Rod.

Just to prove that this is not set in stone and dependant on the DM of the game, I would rule that my players cannot gain access to a pack boon from another Warlock, regardless of which entity the pact was made with, even the same. The way I see it, the pact boon is a personal pact between each Warlock and their "contact".
The Rod can be used, but is basically empty. If someone else stores their own pact boon in the rod, it would eliminate existing boons.

You can houserule that, as long as you're aware that it is a house rule.

Also, flavor justification: The other warlock has received the power from his 'contact' and placed it into the rod; all that is left is magical energy, much like that of a potion.

And only one boon can be stored in the rod anyway.

But it's not a houserule at that point, it's an interpretation. Unless the rod specifically states that anyone can pull it out?

Minor Action: Use the pact boon effect stored within your rod

There is no limitation upon this, so you do what it says you do: Use the pact boon effect.

'Interpreting' it as only being able to use your own pact boon is the same as 'interpreting' that wizards need to have their spellbooks open in both hands and read from it in order to cast a daily or utility spell: it's inventing a rule that doesn't exist.

Under that interpretation than...anyone could use the pact boon within the rod?


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