Shadows in the Big Apple

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Shadows in the Big Apple

Shadows of NYC - Forum
Shadowrun 5e

Why be a Runner in New York?Aside from blatant corporate corruption, totalitarian authoritative police, violent street and thrill gangs, criminal organizations, cults, nasty Awakened critters, exploring pleasure dens, making deals with spirits, demons, and elementals, exploring the abandoned and destroyed NYC subway system, slavery rings, organleggers, experimental cyberware and bioware facilities, racketeering, hunting or helping sentient synthetics, getting lost in the dazzling lights and hedonistic consumerism of Time Square, illegal drugs and Better Than Life chip manufacturing, the dilapidated ruins of Queens, the heavily guarded prison of Staten Island, and helping fight for a better tomorrow….? Not much...

I am looking for 3-5 players willing to brave the shadows of NYC, who can navigate its broken alleys, and survive the corrupt core.

If you have questions or ideas, please PM me, or post the question in the forum.

Game Description:

Welcome to Ney YorkIn 2009 an earthquake rocked the area of New York City, causing billions of dollars in damage and the loss of more than two million lives.

The United States government was unable to generate the capital needed to commit a relief effort, let alone rebuild. The Stock Exchange moved to Boston while the United Nations moved to Geneva. Over the next decade New York City was left to chaos and ruin. Street gangs, riots, and chaos reigned as what little bit of authority remained sat by helpless and ineffectual.

In 2020 Ares Macrotechnology, NeoNet, and Aztechnology signed a treaty with the mayor of New York that would relinquish large sums of property and territory to the three megacorporations in exchange for the much needed money and personnel to rebuild the city. In an act of desperation the mayor essentially signed away control of New York City from the United States Government (and later the Canadian American States) to the megacorps. Within a year Ares Macrotechnology and Aztechnology rolled into NYC in force, pushing many of the street gangs, crime families, and savages out of the city and into the outlying areas, the destroyed underground, or the Ruins of Queens. For five long years sounds of gunfire and screaming filled the night and the streets of NYC ran with blood.

Over the next 35 years much of New York has been rebuilt at an alarming rate. As the city was rebuilt and more megacorporation began funneling money into development and construction the Corporate Council of NYC was founded; a conglomerate of the powerful megacorporations throughout the city, along with the NYPDinc, and the UCAS government. Each of these megacorps have their own NYC based headquarters and corporate arcologies. Most are located in the heavily guarded and restricted Midtown.

While much of New York City has changed and been rebuilt, the smell of roasted sweet nuts intermingled with garbage still remains...

Dance like Nobody is watching.

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i am in i hope it lasts longer than last shadowrun game on here

I'm interested, but I haven't seen many Shadowrun games go far on this site so far. I'll keep an eye out and if there's a decent amount of vested interest that comes forth, I'll throw my lot in. If not, good luck. No sarcasm there, either. :3

I've got the PHB and haven't had a reason to use it yet (barring eternally planning to run my own game) so I might try my hand at whipping up a character. Question: how much combat focus do you anticipate this game having? I'd probably like to play a Face with little to no combat ability but if it'd be a damper on a crew I'd like to know in advance - if that's not to meta-gamey

I've always wanted to learn to player Shadowrun, and with access to HeroLab and a majority of the books, I'll throw my hat into the ring. Even if it is to watch.

Teronist: I do involve combat in a lot of situations, and I also do tend to run a lot of Combat-less situations. It depends on what contracts the group takes as a whole, but no matter what the situations will be tough.

Veradux: I'll be glad to take a look at your application when you get the chance to put it up.


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