Homebrew Shadar-Kai Feats

In case your players want to play as Shadar-Kai (one of mine does), I've homebrewed some racial feats to accommodate the stats presented in the back of the MM.

Heoric Tier
Shadow Vision
Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai
Benefit: You gain Darkvision

Shadar-Kai Weapon Training
Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai
Benefit: Choose Either Katars or Spiked Chains, you gain proficiency with that weapon as well as Greatswords. You also gain a +2 feat damage to damage rolls with those weapons.

Paragon Tier
Improved Shadow Jaunt
Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai
Benefit: When you use your Shadow Jaunt power, you can choose to teleport 4 squares instead of 3 and gain a +1 feat bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn