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Conan! By Crom...

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Conan RPG

Looking for a small group of players to break-in the new Conan game from Modiphius. Three to four players should keep things manageable. Character generation will be random. Adventures will be a mix of manufactured and original design.

Game Description:

This will be based on the new Modiphius game, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of. It uses a unique mechanic developed by Modiphius, the 2d20 system, which is a balanced blend of narrative and crunch mechanics.

Thanks for your interest. I'll be starting character generation soon. It'll be randomly generated characters, as designed by the developers. Looking forward to it...

I sent you a PM regarding character generation.
Curious about you thoughts on the matter...

If there's still room I'd like to play.

Edit:: I have the pdf of the game if that's a plus but I'm yet to play/run the system.

Sure! There's still room.
We only have one confirmed and one interested.
Modric sent me a game request as a PM.
Can you send me one as well, or is there another/easier way of joining the game?
Having the PDF will definitely be an asset; one less person to explain rules to, one more person to understand rules with.

I'd like to start character creation this weekend.
I was going to make character sheets a running thread of scrolling stats in a folder separate from the main story thread. Is that ok with you, or do you know an easier/better way of doing character sheets?
Also, I'd like to do characters creation with you guys, if for no other reason that it'll be fun, but also to know your characters as they're built, and to learn the system as they're created.
I hope that's ok with you as well.

Thanks again for your interest.
I look forward to adventuring with you in an Age Undreamed Of...

Put me down as interested if there is still room. I have a friend who was heavily in to the Kickstarter, so I can pick his brain for background and such once characters are generated.

Welcome aboard.
You will be the third confirmed player.
We'll be starting character creation this weekend, so look for that.
I saw your PM, but when the others sent there's, there was an official 'Accept'/'Decline' request to join a game. Do you know how to access that?

I've sent Reiver and Shdwrnnr a PM for Character Creation.
Let me know if there's a problem accessing the game or any of threads.
Good luck; I'm very excited to get started and appreciate your anticipation...


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