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Wiki Setting?

Wiki Setting?

I was thinking about how much effort most of us DMs put into our settings, detailing this and that and writing pages of description which may or may not ever come up dependent on our player's choices.

I was also thinking about how well a wiki would serve me in organizing my campaign notes. Rather than have a few long text files I can have a location and it's NPCs, and click a link to take me to the page detailing the place they travel next.

This lead me to wonder if if there was a wiki where people collaborated on a setting. I know people on here use it for campaign notes, but they all say "brought to you by DM x." I know I would enjoy using a setting which, due to the actions of other DMs and parties, grew beyond my own input. Plus, if my campaign notes influence someone else's game then I'd feel that my work bore more fruit.

Is there such a wiki somewhere, or something similar? If not, would anyone be interesting in such an open co-operative effort?

I would be interested, though it would need to be 4th edition, I've already got a basic idea for a single, currently in charge nation, that I'd like to work out if people are interested in that.

Yeah, I agree on it being 4th edition. Okay then, I'll go ahead and set it up.

edit: Alright, I set up an introductory page. It's simple, but it gives a basic breakdown of the idea. I named it MythLands. It seemed appropriot, but can be changed if there's some issue with it or people prefer another name.

I'll be adding a simple place to start from, but anyone else who's got an idea should feel free to edit my posted content or add their own separate content.

The book is also up, but because of the way VBoard works it doesn't have the introduction in it for now.

Alright, I've begun work on the article "MythLands: Alva"

Enjoy my idea :P I'll be making it more later.

Alright made a template so that all our regions are laid out with the same information.

Hey there - I've been working on my own world in several iterations (meaning I've started more or less over a bunch of times), and wikis do seem to lend themselves well to this kind of work. I've fired up a couple of pages on Dunderhill in a book here.

Would you mind terribly if I used your template for my area descriptions for Dunderhill?

I could frigging kick myself. I had a great idea for a region during my migraine last night, and can I remember it? Can I frigg.

I'm gonna have to start sleeping with a notepad by the bed, because I get all my best ideas when I'm either half conscious or in a ridiculous amount of pain.

To add a region to the book, create the region as it's own, unprotected, page, then you add the created page to the book.


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