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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa - Forum

What's This Game?
The Cold...
Sent to the frozen north, and ever an obedient servant, you went. Headed for a town that rumor claimed had vanished off the face of the map. All was well - equipment sturdy, clothing thick, hoods drawn close and fires precious. It seemed that you could not fail in your task.
The Fear...
But the north is an unforgiving, frozen hell. Even in deep winter, dangerous wildlife roam the countryside. And those who are so desperate for food they will kill a man for his flesh. Snapping of branches, the crunch of boots on ice, and a loud, sharp crack. Then blackness.
An Old Man...
"Steady now. Nice and easy. Slowlike. Sip this, it's warm. Do you remember what happened?"
And You...
Memories gone, equipment and provisions stolen, and nothing but each other and the Old Man. You're lucky they left you your clothes and life. Survive the wild north and this empty town, and you may just find out what happened. Why you were sent here in the first place, and who sent you.

About The Game
Tabula Rasa is a Pathfinder game, first and foremost. Anything goes, and you'll see why in a moment. The PFSRD is available to you of course, and any books you may have. That's right, any.

But here's the catch: You don't make your character. I do. In fact, I already have your character made, just waiting to be played. What's your character? Well, that's the best part! I'll tell you. In time, when you're ready.

Okay, time to break character for a moment: In all seriousness, Tabula Rasa is a blank-sheet Pathfinder game. This means that you start with a blank character sheet and have no idea what your character can do, what their name is, or even what race and class they are. The other players may learn your race long before you do, and it's up to them if they choose to tell you or not. You discover what your character can do by playing the game. Want to pick a lock? Cool, roll 1d20 and I'll tell you what your bonus is and if it's a class skill for you. And so on.

How To Apply
So... you don't make a character. How then are you supposed to apply for a game like that?

Easy! Just post in this thread that you're interested. Tell me a little about yourself and optionally you can provide me with a roleplaying snippet from another game to show what your writing style is. Lastly, tell me what gender of character you prefer or if you don't care. This is the only thing you'll get to determine about your character.

At the end of the recruitment period (May 26th), I'll pick five people for this game. I'll pick the five people I think would be the best fit for the game, or, if I get an absolutely astonishing amount of interest, I may just roll a die.

Anything Else?
Hello! I'm Nathan! I'm a humble moderator for the Weave, you may have seen me around here and there.

I will be posting once every time all of the players post, so the pace of the game will be determined by the players and how frequently they post. I do have other duties at the moment, but I also have a lot more free time than I'd care to admit, so it's about time I ran another game.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. (Unless it's "Can I be X class?", in which case, the answer is no, you cannot. I'll be assigning your character to you.)

Game Description:

Tabula Rasa is a Pathfinder game. It is unique in that the players do not make a character, the Game Master does it for them. The players start with a blank character sheet, and discover things such as their armor class, HP, class, race, etc. through playing the game. The Game Master will reveal these things when they become relevant.

As for the story of Tabula Rasa, well, just like the characters, that will be revealed as the game goes on.

Welcome to Pond.
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Holy heck, this is interesting. I'm tossing my in. I don't really have any play experience here, unfortunately, so I don't have a snippet for you. Is there anything else I can provide? I'm okay with characters of any gender, though will express a preference for one gender if too many players play the other. (I like to balance things.)

I love this idea, though. There's so much possibility!

Edit: Any chance you can assign us a trait that we get to know about going in? It'd give a good starting point for characterization, I think. A trajectory, so to speak.

Hi there. I've mostly been lurking on The Weave ever since I got swept up in schoolwork. Now that the semester's over, I thought I'd head back here. I'm real big on tabletops and have a group that meets every Sunday in real life. We played pathfinder and 5e, and are hoping to start up a d20 modern after the 5e campaign finishes.

I like your game because it reminds me of Fallout New Vegas, one of my favorites, because of the introduction. Except with your campaign, it's multiplayer, which makes it even better. I don't have a gender preference for my character.

This definitely has my interest. I'm always on the lookout for things like this. As for my history, I've been PbPing for quite a few years. I started out with silly freeform games on obscure forums; Then migrated to actual campaigns on GiantitP. A recent extended downtime on my usual site gave me incentive to branch out a bit. So now I'm giving Myth Weavers a try too. From the looks of it, this place will work out just fine.

I'd prefer a female character.

Howdy! I'm Crunchbar and I'm very curious about your game. Sadly, I've not had much luck with games on the Weave as they tend to be archived after a short week or two. I've been lurking about working on one I'd like to run in the future, but that doesn't provide much in the way of what I'm capable of with a post.

Perhaps a short excerpt from one of my Fiction classes will suffice?

Added with Edit

I've been told I do fairly well with laughs, but I've got a fair amount of experience from another forum site I used to play on as well as chatrooms. I tend to check in every day, at least to see if there are new games recruiting. I just finished NieR: Automata and have no shame in admitting I bawled my eyes out. I become rather invested in fiction.

As for the last bit, I don't mind playing any gender or general concept.

Best of luck to everyone and, regardless, very interesting concept Nathan. It should be quite the game.

Edit: With the growing complexity in number of submissions I'd better add a little more to my introduction. I'm still unfamiliar with making my posts pretty on the Weave, but I'm toying with formatting. I'll tick over to 30 in June. I'm considering an account name change request. I surpassed my 30,000 word goal for last month's Camp Nano by 5,000 words. Very proud of that and hoping to do it again in July. I can probably snag an example from that, too, but overloading samples seems counter-productive, ha! I'm also an avid gamer, fan of playing unusual characters, and working through both The Three-Body Trilogy and the first A Song of Ice and Fire book.

I'll keep up my writing sample along with adding another.

You sir, have my attention...I am intrigued. The name is BeyondThePale but I go by BTP for short. I've been here on the weave for almost 7 years, counting a 2 year hiatus I took in 2014 (just returned and have been slowly re-acclimating myself back into the site. This includes an attempt I making to bring back the game I had been running before my hiatus. If you would like to check that out it is public. I have very limited "recent" experience here, so providing a "snippet" would be difficult, at least anything of quality, but I will try to find something to include as an RP sample. I have a gender preference toward male characters as it is easier for me to properly roleplay in the confines of at least partial familiarity.

This is as close to a proper rp sample...again i have only been back a few months, and the majority of my experience outside my own game has been with evil characters

This is sort of a neat thing you have planned here. I personally prefer games like this that tweak rules and provide an interesting experience. I'm curious how it would all pan out in play. One of the issues I've always had with Pathfinder/D&D is how your class seems to dictate your profession and personality. I would be interested to see how divorcing our stats and rolls changes how our character is played.

A little about me? I've been playing tabletop games in person for about 20 years now. I tend to gravitate towards D&D, but I also like Dark Heresy and Shadowrun. Lately I've been trying out more Pathfinder, as I have a lot of friends who prefer that.

The writing snippet I have is from a game of Rogue Trader from several years ago. Sadly the game was archived after only a few weeks, but it was one of my first games here on the weave.

I have no gender preference if selected for Tabula Rasa.

OK, so I'm interested. I'm not sure if you'll remember me or not, I was in Pond just before you put it on Hiatus, playing a Kitusne Medium (and working on developing) the Kitsune culture. Was looking for that thread as a sample, but can't seem to find it. I'm sure you still have all of the Pond stuff squirreled away somewhere, so that'd be the fairest sample to give you, since it was pretty extensive and anything else I show you would be cherry-picked. If you don't, well, I'm in a few games. Click on one and check it out. I try to keep all of my posts forward-going, so any of them will do.

As for who I am, I'm Djinnoxide, which was actually a typo, supposed to be Djinnocide, but I had more than 200 posts before I noticed (yay autocomplete!), so I decided to keep it. TatteredKing shortened that to DjO2, which I enthusiastically endorced. I'm from Washington DC, and work as a professional chemist (hence my enthusiastic support of the DjO2 suggestion). Been roleplaying since the late 70's, beginning with the brown books with the orange idols on the covers.

Intriguing. A little about me....

My first exposure to roleplaying (D&D), was the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon back in the 80's. I had never heard of it before. Then, in the late 80's I picked up a computer game called, 'Pool of Radiance' and from that moment on, I was hooked. Through the 90's I played table-top and of course computer games, until I stumbled upon PBEM in the late 90's. PBEM offered a roleplaying fix without having to gather at someone's house for several hours one day a week. The obvious transition from there was PBP. I began playing PBP at a website called 'Plothook', a few years ago. When that site disappeared, I found MW.

Sounds like a really fun and exciting concept! I am definitely in for the experience and adventure!

A little bit about me. I have been on MW for a little over a year. But I have been playing PFRPG for close to 4 years. I have ventured out into other rulesets but Pathfinder has always been my true love. I am pretty active in my games as I have a job that allows me some posting time during the day. I love the look of this campaign and the blank slate seems like a lot of fun!

Added: No preference on male or female!

This sample is from a Rise of the Rune Lords campaign. My Paladin was having a crisis of faith after summarily executing goblins after the initial attack. Her love interest had come in to the cathedral to help comfort Cassie.


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