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Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Forum

A Tale as Old as Time
The romance of the three kingdoms was not fantasy it was historical reality that told the tale of China's most mightiest warriors. Not only did they shape the coming history of China but they shaped themselves into legends that would never be forgotten. They would be worshiped as heroes and some even as gods. It was their blood, their sweat, their steel that formed the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However we are turning back the clock and rewriting the history of the Three Kingdoms, were we will follow the plight of heroes untold.

Game Information
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a Pathfinder game, using most of the official first-party material off of the PSRD to work. However there a few exceptions and a good amount of tweaks. I urge you to check the Historical Info folder in the main game. This has explanations of the allowed races, and specifically how they are changed and refluffed to reflect into Pathfinder plus a breakdown of the different optional systems we will be using. This also includes a nice bulleted lists explaining on the standards to make your character. The characters are 1st level gestalt to say the least, you are legendary figures of war in the making and while the campaign will follow the story it is up to the party whether they can changed the already forged destiny.

Please post your character in the Applicant folder and one other thing do not make Generic Placeholder thread like 'Username's Workshop' (I will delete them.). This is a personal pet peeve of mine and 50% of these threads do not ever come to fruition. Please have atleast, a name, picture, and/or concept ready to post so atleast I can have a feel of what to expect. If there are many applications do not be intimidated I will choose from the full pool regardless on how long people have been there. That being said, being early does allow you to ask me for pre-review. Lastly I am looking for active players on a schedule to atleast once per every other day, even if you can provide a status update. This is an immense game and I won't be subjecting other players to waiting for you. That being said, if the party can put up a faster pace, I will try my best to respond in term.

What Should I Expect?
To put very simply, this is a fantasy version of 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' including magic, monsters, and all the like. Most of the races have been refluffed and some minor tweaking has been done in order to make the characters feel powerful from a normal person from the getgo and to have an avenue to better expand as heroes. Expect a good amount of encounters from fighting large swarms of enemies to huge hulking beasts, political intrigue and motives that you'll need to keep track of if you are to keep alive and a surprisingly amount of choice when it comes to choosing your side and your allegiances. But most importantly, this is a game that should be large amounts of fun and epicness. Hopefully the stories told in this game will become fond memories in tabletop yonder years.

Current Deadline: June 10th

Game Description:

The classical tale of ancient China gets a remake in the Pathfinder form, ancient heroes class and change the face of China as we know it in a fantasy makeover complete with other races, monsters, and ancient Taoist wizards.
Looking for an active group who can post atleast once every other day, but I prefer players that show initiative and drive. A GM is only as good as his players and vice versa, if you commit to a faster pace even at multiple times per day I will in turn keep up with you.

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OH GOD YES. So much yes. Will you hate me for using some Koihime Musou character as faceclaim? It IS based on the Romance after all... But no EVN shenanigans, I promise

(and I'll also try and avoid being hit by cars this time around)

Sounds cool to me. Time to go open up a workshop I mean make a nice, detailed character application.

Trust my three inches of limber tongue to induce the South and the North to devour each other.

Looks awesome, I love historical settings. Unfortunately I've got too many games going right now, so I can't join, but just wanted to pop in and say this looks great.

As a long time fan of the Dynasty Warrior's series and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms lore I applaud you for attempting to run such a rich setting.

I would almost want to run with the idea of trying to assist one of the NPC generals instead of striking out on ones own as the lore and character behind some of the historical figures is inspiring.

Though a part of me really wishes it wasn't level 1 to start. Makes me feel so behind lol.

That said, I have five words of sage advice for all who apply for this game.


The biggest reason for why we start at level 1 because this takes us from the beginning starting with the Yellow Turban and takes us all the to the establishment of the Jin Dynasty.


I would ask to play as Lu Lingqi, no joke, but we're starting from the Yellow Turban Rebellion and as originals, so I'll pull an idea together. I am so into this.


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