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Reclaiming a Dwarven Fortress

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Reclaiming a Dwarven Fortress

Dwarf Fortress: Ziril Thol - Forum
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3rd of Calistril, 4717 ARThe air of the mead hall hung heavy and still with warm smoke from the hearth and smoldering pipe-tobacco, but just outside the thick walls of earth and wood the frigid arctic wind howled furiously. The unceasing torrent of muffled whistles, groans, and shrieks mingled with the gentle crackling of the hearth fire, and with the idle strumming of a half-asleep Ulfen lutist reclining nearby. All the others had retired for the evening - all except a dwarven woman with blonde hair and a stern look, and the motley band of adventurers she had assembled.

Galena Tanineth scowled, taking a moment to reexamine each member of the expedition. In spite of her surly expression, her eyes glittered like silver ore as she surveyed the dwarves. She could trust these ones, she knew - they were faithful hearts and hands, all of them. The others, however - the glitter disappeared as she turned towards the strangers who would be joining them. Some seemed trustworthy enough, but even the least suspicious outsider would need to earn her confidence.

As for those whose people were counted among the enemies of the mountainhome - they were a necessary evil, present only to round out the expedition's number. After all, not many travelers found their way to Snemmevik, and of those even fewer were daring enough to journey into the forbidding wilderness of the Hellrung Mountains. Galena didn't have the time to journey further south, either - this was who she had, and she was determined to make the best of it.

"Ziril Thol," the dwarven woman intoned, her voice dark like tarnished silver, "was a dwarven fortress. A few issues still trouble our scholars, but the picture is fairly clear."

Reaching into her leather knapsack, Galena retrieved a dull scroll and proceeded to lay it out upon the sturdy wooden table. "In the late spring of 4711, an expedition led by Klavash the Cunning of Zavaten Gura founded Ziril Thol in the Hellrung Mountains." She jabbed one stout finger at the map, indicating a location some three hundred miles northwest of Snemmevik. "Here."

"From 4711 to 4715, the miners and craftsdwarves of Ziril Thol produced a fortune in gold and iron." She smirked, her expression an even blend of appreciation, envy, and eager anticipation. "Enough to make Klavash one of the richest dwarves north of Janderhoff. For four years, the annual caravan returned to the mountainhome heavy-laden with finished goods, weapons, armor, and exotic subterranean creatures."

Her expression soured suddenly. "Last year, the Guran caravan failed to return from Ziril Thol." She paused, gathering her thoughts, then continued quietly, her eyes fixed upon the map before her. "Fearing the worst, the Utograf of Zavaten Gura ordered a platoon of speardwarves, hammerdwarves, and marksdwarves to investigate, and if necessary liberate and reclaim Ziril Thol for the mountainhome. Just three months ago, we received word that the warriors had arrived at the fortress - but nothing more. Our scouts found evidence that the warriors had entered the fortress, and never left."

Her eyes flicked upwards, and she peered around at the band once more. "The Utograf hopes that a small group of skilled adventurers might succeed where an army has failed. He has tasked me with gathering this group, and leading the expedition to the lost fortress." Her tone hardened. "You will assist me in reclaiming Ziril Thol for the glory of all Zavaten Gura."

The wind shrieked. Something thumped against the outside of the mead hall, and the lutist awoke with a start. The shaggy northerner yawned, stretched his legs, and continued absently plucking his instrument.

The dwarven woman continued much more quietly. "Most of you know what this means for us. What we seek." The dwarf grinned wildly. "Gold. Silver. Platinum. As much as you could ever want, certainly. Iron, enough to equip an army, and the wild beasts to serve as their mounts. Land - perhaps even noblehood. And of course..." Breathing heavily, she reached into her knapsack and brought out a fist-sized chunk of raw ore and placed it on the table, atop the map. In the dying firelight of the hearth, the ore glittered a thousand different colors. "Adamantine," she whispered. "Glory. Or death, should we fail."

Galena smiled. "I suggest you get a good night's rest. We depart tomorrow morning, and our destination is nearly three weeks away." If all went well, they would arrive on the 1st of Pharast, in the early spring of 4717. A supply caravan could be expected later that fall - just before winter entombed them beneath a mountain of ice and snow. Enough time to delve our new home, ere the ice wolves grow hungry, she pondered, keeping the thought to herself. Outside the mead hall, the wind howled like an enraged blizzard man. No sense in scaring them off before we've even begun.

Hello there! I'm leadglance - I'm relatively new around these parts, but I've been GMing for quite a long time. I'm looking for 4-6 players for a homebrew Pathfinder adventure based upon the infamous computer game Slaves to Armok: God of Blood, Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress. Prior experience with DF, either directly or through secondary media, is not strictly required. However, I am looking for people who are going to play into the theme, so if you are unfamiliar with DF, I recommend you take the time to look over everything I've written for this campaign.

The style of this game will be generally a sandboxy dungeon crawl, with elements of survival horror and mystery/investigation, with the ultimate goal of transitioning to a settlement management style of game, similar to Kingmaker. Craft and Profession skills will play an important role for some characters, especially as you explore and secure more of the fortress. That said, my first priority is making sure the players are having fun and driving the story forward, so make a character that you want to play, and don't worry too much about fitting a particular mold.

Finally, these are my expectations for all players - make sure you look over these, and feel free to ask for clarification if it is necessary.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! It's entirely possible I overlooked something. The application period will close on Friday, June 23rd, and I will make my selection over the weekend. I will not be closing the application window early, nor will I be giving precedence to applications that are completed earlier than others - so take your time!

- leadglance

Game Description:

Deep within the primordial Hellrung Mountains lies a lost fortress, its fate shrouded in mystery and death. The iron-fisted Utograf of Zavaten Gura has decreed that the fortress will be reclaimed, but so far no one has succeeded in returning alive. He has sent a loyal hearthsdwarf to assemble a band of adventurers, in the hope that a small group of skilled individuals might succeed where armies have failed. The adventure will be deadly, fraught with constant danger and misery, but if it is successful, then the fortune of Klavash the Cunning will be shared by the survivors, and Ziril Thol will be rebuilt for the glory of all Zavaten Gura.

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This looks interesting as h*ck! I don't know the first thing about DF, so I'm going through the material now. Expect an application soon!

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I've recently hit a bit of a slump with dwarf fortress, a part of the natural life cycle of the game, I think, but I still find myself in need of a good bit of DF style storytelling, and it seems like I have found it!

Will this game work in typical PbP style, or will everything be described in terms of ASCII characters and with a requirement of going three or four levels deep in various menus to give our characters orders?

Reading this almost makes me want to fire up DF again - sorry tempted - but I'm years out of practice and not sure I can get up to speed again, alas. May need to apply just to stretch that itch! I like how well you've captured the flavor of the game here.

Ha! Great question. This will be in a typical PbP style, drawing heavily from the DF setting - but not the interface. I'll probably sneak some reference to the game's motto in at some point.

Figured as much... and not having the interface issues but having DF flavor is a real plus in my book!

I just created a dwarf who's known for his ability crafting stone cups in another game - guess DF has been on my mind lately (and, yeah, he may have gone slightly crazy and he's now on a quest that has involved him becoming an axedwarf). Let's see what character concept I can come up with here...

Oh I am so down with this... app incoming once I summon up all the dorf I can.

Interested, app on it's way ;})


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