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Little White Ark [Modified Freeform]

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Little White Ark [Modified Freeform]

The Little White Ark - Forum
Dresden Files

* * * * *

Licking their wounds after the war, the factions each take a breath. Summer retreats to count their losses. Winter searches for a lost and presumed dead Knight. The White Court, somehow still standing on both legs, continues to defeat itself from within. The White Council is as infuriatingly silent as always.

Over all of this, the sudden vacuum of power still yawns. Now is when the real struggle begins. From the population of young potentials, individuals are snatched to fill voids, most of them far before they are ready or even aware of their skills. So begins a vile game of ‘grab and go’, with all factions participating in this pillaging of free will until one day, elders of each conspired together to create a solution.

Similar to the Paranet established by Harry Dresden to protect fledgling, young wizards, a series of safe houses would be established. These safehouses are to be protected sanctuaries overseen by a collection of capable individuals tasked with the rescue and education, sometimes rehabilitation, of gifted supernaturals too inexperienced to yet harness their powers and too naive to select their own allies and future.

The safehouse in Denver, Colorado, thus named The Ark, is the one you have been asked, coerced or punished into caring for. You’ll have help. Your peers are equally capable. Vic the biker/handyman/bodyguard is as tall as a mountain, sometimes as formidable, and can fix most anything with screwdriver and duct tape if he cannot fix it officially. Olphida is your in house creole cook, former practitioner and temperamental busy body who may or may not possess a magical cookbook that never, ever, produces anything not scrumptious.

Together, you’ll track down and collect potential targets before they become victims, deal with various supernatural forces interested in your dependents or your city, all while juggling your own lives, careers, significant others/etc and managing the daily lives and hormones of various children and teens - and of course remembering to pay the establishments bills with your slim stipend as well as any supernatural debts you obtain in your duty.

* * * * *

Game Supervisors: Cleo is a long standing member with storytelling strengths and a deep foundation in freeform roleplaying. Madadh is also a long standing member and reliably engaging writer who can recite most Dresden novels forward and backward from memory.

Freeform in a Rules Setting? Characters will be created using DFRPG guidelines and will be expected to stay within those guidelines during play but gameplay itself will be Freeform.

Rotating Freeform: Every player takes turns running the game. Turns will be short, measured in game play and not real time, most likely sharing GM responsibilites throughout a single thread/objective/idea so that no one feels burdened or burnt out. An example of our intention could go like: Player A introduces the problem/situation and directs the group's options of approach > Player B throws a kink in the plan and may or may not lead up to and through the resolution > Player C designs a combat sequence > Player D escalates or resolves the originating problem/situation > Player A directs the ending sequence > Player B introduces the next situation or problem.

Why This Works: We've tried this elsewhere and the result was both surprising and fun. The shorter GM spurts are perfect for keeping a fresh view and exploring individually desired plot elements. GM-ship naturally changes with every scene or two, which lends nicely to thread flow.

Okay But Why Not Just Run a Normal GM'd Game? Truth is, Cleo's medical issues have proven problematic in the past and this is our answer to circumvent that.

Application Process
Please post questions and character concepts here for all to see. Once your concept is approved, begin a thread for your character in the Applications folder found in the game forum. The game ad will run for 3-5 weeks. We are accepting between 4 and 6 players.

Power level: Any level beneath Submerge.
Sources: All published DFRPG material. FATE CORE will suffice as well, as long as characters are clearly inspired by the Dresden Files series.

Accepted players will be expected to create additional story aspects, such as notable places/people in the area, Ark aspects, or npc wards of the Ark.

Name: And nics
High Concept: If you only had the space of a post it and a large tip Sharpie, how would you describe him/her?
Trouble: What is THE reoccurring or persistent problem that contributes to at least part of his/her motivation(s)?

Age: And apparent age, if applicable
Appearance: Not fluffy paragraphs but short. staccato.
Spiky blue hair, black eyes, lanky and short, predominantly dresses in black and white, port stain birthmark splotched across elbow and lower arm, usually found with a distracted expression and lime flavored soda in hand.
Such as this
Personality: Same staccato as above. Include notable habits or quirks!

Average: This is
Fair: Your
Good: Skill
Great: List.

Powers and Stunts: Listed individually. Can be custom. Can be an item or other enchantment/source of power. If powers/stunts are based upon an outside source such as sponsored magic or an organization, make a separate entry and tell us about it.

Background: Doesn't need to be a novel. Characters can be from anywhere in the world, and because of that do not worry about leaving space for the cameo appearances of other PCs. However, feel free to work out existing relationships with other players if you would like.

Vignette: Please write an IC piece that showcases your character's story voice and perhaps sheds light on his/her motivations, reveals a pivotal moment, or otherwise engages in some way.

Ark Recruitment: Who recruited you, or if self recruited how did you hear about it? Is your character enthusiastic or willing? Coerced or suffering a punishment? Are there any special motivations tying him into the Ark's success?

Motivations (if not already conveyed) and Attachments: Not many live their life in utter seclusion. Who is prominent in your character's life? What does your character do for an income or how did thy otherwise support themselves before Arkdom? If motivations haven't been made clear above, what drives them? Did your character make any great sacrifice(s) to become a part of the Ark?

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Just want to say, that is an awesome Dresden pic

Good to see you, Chee. The multi talented Madadh waved his magic pic wand to locate that for us :-)

Freefrom isn't my thing, but I'll keep my eye on this. Anything Dresden deserves good vibes! Good luck!

always wanted to play Dresden, I love all the books, but I am unsure how to make characters for the game.

Originally Posted by zpolloock View Post
always wanted to play Dresden, I love all the books, but I am unsure how to make characters for the game.
The RPG books are just there for reference as this will be pretty much free-form writing. So mechanics are not actually required.

I'm interested. I'll put up an app later today. When you say Freeform, I'm sort of picturing this running like an Amber Diceless RPG. Is that sort of what you are thinking?


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