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6-99: True Dragons of Absalom (Muster Closed)

6-99: True Dragons of Absalom (Muster Closed)

PBP Gameday Muster Open

True Dragons of Absalom

A scenario in which characters play 4th level kobold pregens.

For several years, the Pathfinder Society has enjoyed a mutually beneficial alliance with the Sewer Dragons, the dominant tribe of kobolds living beneath Absalom. When an elite patrol discovers a wounded member of the Society with a desperate message, the Sewer Dragons must move quickly intercept an extraordinary threat from seizing their territory—if not Absalom itself! In this special adventure the players portray kobolds as unlikely defenders of the City at the Center of the World using 4th-level pregenerated characters.

Written by Thurston Hillman.

About the game
About the Game

This game will run here on Myth-Weavers starting on August 25th, and finishing by November 17th. I expect players to remain active. Generally, this means keeping up a rate of at least a post a day, although frequently we'll sag a bit on weekends. If you're going to be away for more than a day or to, please let us know ahead of time in the OOC thread. During combat, if you don't post within 24 hours of a GM in which your character is declared to be up, you may be temporarily botted, taking a defensive or obvious action. If you aren't comfortable with this, please don't muster for this game.

How to Muster
How to Muster

Of course, you need a Myth-Weavers account.

Mustering for this game is a little bit different. You don't muster a character. Instead, just say that you want to play, and indicate a list of preferences for which pregen you want to play. The pregens can be found in (Rob hasn't put them online yet, but they will be available soon). If you're new to Myth-Weavers, please check out the brief instructions I posted at the top of the IC thread. Update: Son of Meepo (our local VA) has put online instructions, complete with ambiguity-destroying screen shots, for joining MW PFS here (look at the second post).

Mustering will be first-come, first-serve. Because this is a part of PbP Gameday VI, it's not subject to the usual Myth-Weavers mustering limits. Only muster if you can commit to seeing the game through the end. It's frustrating when players disappear partway through a game. (The GM is committed. If, for some reason I do disappear -- people do, sometimes, get hit by busses (it nearly happened to me in England where they drive on the wrong freaking side of the street) -- the online PFS staff will make sure a replacement GM takes over.)

If you've mustered but realize that you won't be able to play: the game doesn't begin until August 25th, which is two months from when I'm writing this. If you play the game in the mean time, or for whatever reason realize you won't be able to or don't want to play in this PbP, please let me know or post in this thread that you're withdrawing. That way I can let folks on the waiting list know that they're in.

I will ask everybody to check in a week before the game is about to respond. If you don't respond to that check-in within a few days, I will let your slot fall back to somebody on the waiting list. So, please pay attention to this thread starting around August 18!

Mustered Players
Mustered Players
  • aerondor
  • Arrowhawk
  • Pangea
  • mortakai
  • PaperDrake ?
  • PeteZero

Waiting List
  • Tundran

If the game looks full, feel free to throw your name in, and I'll add it to a waiting list. Because the game doesn't start for over two months, it's possible that things will change and some folks listed as being in the game may need to withdraw before it begins.

I've fixed the link to the IC thread. I also added a link above with extensive joining instructions written by our local VA.

I'll take a spot!

What level character can we apply the chronicle sheet from this to..?


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