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The Red Riding Hoods

The Red Riding Hoods - Forum
Dungeon World

Hunt monsters in a bleak fantasy world inspired by the fairy tales of old

Once upon a time, a young girl wearing a red hood ventured out beyond the safety of her home to visit her grandmother. A wolf beset her on the road... and we all know how it goes from there. In some retellings, the girl and her grandmother are simply eaten by the wolf, in others a kindly huntsman saves one or both of them and kills the wolf, in others still the girl in the red hood survives and outwits the wolf through sheer cunning and determination.

Though no one can say who exactly the girl in the red hood was or whether she ever actually existed, in a world such as ours - beset on all sides by evils and monsters aplenty - her story is retold often, either as a cautionary tale or as a rallying cry. We must be careful, we must be vigilant, we must trust nothing - but we can beat them, we can outsmart them, we can kill them.

That is where you come in. You now wear the red hood, whether by choice or by necessity. It is up to you now to live up to the legend and to face down those that would trick and kill us. You're not alone, others stand by your side and wear the hood as well. Be brave, be strong, be clever. Honor the memory of the girl in the red hood, protect us all.

If there are any questions that anyone would like to ask or tentative interest that you would like to show, please do so below! Thanks for reading!

Game Description:

A Dungeon World Game set in a bleak fantasy world inspired by fairy tales, particularly those of the Brother's Grimm. Expect descriptions of graphic violence and other mature themes. Player choices will determine much of the flavour of the campaign, including where and why the adventure begins.

This seems like a super rad idea, are you planning on playing by post or some other way or are you just looking for help in writing this?

No problem with being new, Yermom! This is going to be a Play by Post campaign and we've already got the application process going here. It's going to be a Dungeon World game in the usual style, hence the reason for the setting being somewhat vague - it's up to the whole group to help build the world, not just me!

If you'd like you can hit up the Character Discussion thread over in the forum that I linked above to chat with me and other players about possibilities for characters and world building. Or, if you'd like to join us, feel free to make an application in the same style as the ones that are already there. I'll be happy to help you out if you have any troubles navigating the site and getting up to speed. Thanks for you interest!

If I may, the classes found in the Grim World supplement would seem to fit the game and its tone perfectly. I'd highly recommend taking a look at them if at all possible, they're quite well designed and very evocative in themes.

Thanks for the suggestion, Actana! I am aware of Grim World and have had my eye on it for a long time... but have never actually read it. This might be the comment that pushes me over the edge to purchase it, though! Even if I do buy it though, I'm unsure as to whether I would immediately incorporate its rules and playbooks into this game - as stated above my reason for wanting to keep with the base playbooks for the most part is that I'm trying not to alienate anyone who may not be willing or able to buy third party resources.

That, and introducing a whole bunch of rules and playbooks to the game that even I as GM am not familiar with might be more distracting and confusing than anything. This is my first attempt at bringing the Red Riding Hoods setting to life, so I kind of want to give it a go with the base rules first before I diverge - if this game is successful though then I have no doubt that I will expand on the scope of the game and start adding more playbooks, possibly of my own design!

All of that said, I am nothing if not flexible. If a player came to me really wanting to play one of the Grim World playbooks and allowed me to read the class sheet and mull it over, I would definitely give them proper consideration! You definitely are right that even just the names of those class are highly evocative and fitting for the setting's themes.

That's 100% fair. For what it's worth if it helps, Grim World doesn't actually have any real additional rules. It has a sizable bunch of races, each with a move of their own, the seven playbooks (as well as a couple of bonus ones), some rules/guidelines for creating cursed items, and a whole lot of monsters and advice to use with a couple of random generator tables. Very easy to plug in and play with other sources. That said, I'm not knowledgeable enough in the system to say how well or not the core classes and Grim World are balanced with each other.

I was mainly just failing to mind my own business and instead insist on my attempts to help out with the idea. It sounds absolutely grand as a concept, and while I don't really do PbP I wish you the best of luck!

Well that settles it, I'm going to buy Grim World. :P

Thank you again for your well wishes and suggestions! Good luck with your own endeavours and please, continue to fail to mind your own business!

Are Class Warfare Builds allowed? or straight Base classes?

I see a Bard, a Paladin, and a Ranger so far.

Straight base classes are highly preferred. I have mixed feelings about class warfare and some of the combinations you can create with it. If you have a specific idea that you are really set on, feel free to PM me and we'll see what we can work out. Anything is possible.


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