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Settlers of Korim

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Settlers of Korim

Chronicles of Arberos: Settlers of Korim - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Welcome to Arberos
Welcome to Arberos, a fantasy world inhabited by a myriad of sapient beings, where magic and monsters are real, and the gods themselves lend their powers to chosen devotees in their struggle for dominance over the world of mortals. For millennia the known world has consisted of the continents of Imarast, Mordrem, and Keldenharn, but only three decades ago a new continent was discovered west of the Cemberian Sea, the continent of Korim.

Many nations have begun colonizing the continent of Korim, the New World which promises settlers a new chance at life, but Korim is a deadly frontier inhabited by all manner of strange creatures and hostile savages who worship vicious and sinister gods and fight ferociously against the invaders from the east.

In this campaign, the player characters are settlers on board a ship called the Sedna which is approaching the port town of Dreven's Port
in the colony of New Kaladarn. What they will do once they reach the unexplored continent of Korim is entirely up to them, but Korim is rife with mystery and danger, and offers plenty ways for daring and opportunistic explorers to strike it rich and make a name for themselves.

Do you have what it takes to survive and carve out a prosperous fate in this perilous new world? Only time will tell...

Useful Information and Links
Useful Information and Links

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Game Style: Sandbox with background events the players may choose to partake in or ignore.
Starting Level: 3rd
Posting Frequency: 1+ per day/1+ per weekend
Character Creation Guidelines: Here
House Rules: Here
World Map: Here
Map of Colonized Korim: Here
Settler's Guide to Korim: Here
Races of Arberos: Here
Gods of Arberos: Here

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I'm quite interested. Will the format be mostly soloing, with the characters joining together when they want/when their paths cross, or are we all intended to be traveling together?

The preferred modus operandi would be if you all worked together so I only have to GM one collective narrative instead of six separate narratives at a time. The idea is to have you become a party in the prologue. There may be times when the characters do stuff separately, but that would the exception, not the rule.

The link for the races of Arberos is not working. Are there specific races that don't exist, or don't fit?
Same with the Pantheon of Gods.

Sounds cool. I'll start whipping up something later today.

@Bruenor - I will do a write up of the races and gods ASAP, but the basic idea was that the basic races as well as the races introduced in supplements such as Volo's Guide exist. I have also accepted a player's desire to play a Kor from the MtG Setting Zendikar which have had a free 5E guide made.

@Spearhead - Glad to hear it!

@Napalm - Looking forward to see what you come up with!

Expressing interest, though I have very little experience with 5e. If you do not mind the rust, I will gladly throw my hat in.


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