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Starfinder Character Sheet Feedback

Starfinder Character Sheet Feedback

The Starfinder character sheet is finished and ready for use! If you have any feedback, problems, or suggestions, feel free to leave them here. We'll take a look and can discuss them here as well.

If you'd like to look at an example of it, check this one out:

Your next question is probably going to be, "When is the ship sheet coming?" To which I regrettably have to say that it won't be coming for a while. It's a very unique layout that Rodrigo and I are going to work on over the next couple of weeks to keep it MW-friendly. When that sheet becomes available, I'll let everyone know.

Known Issues:
  • KAC/EAC don't automatically sum
  • Armor needs separate KAC/EAC boxes
  • KAC/EAC boxes are linked
  • ACP/Max Dex doesn't autofill (pre-existing condition)
  • Generate Statblock broken (pre-existing condition)
  • Gold -> Credits
  • Lbs -> Bulk
  • Armor needs a block for "Upgrade Slots"
  • Item level boxes
  • Weapons need a block for "Capacity" and "Usage"
  • ALL items need a stat for "Level"
  • Devoted slots for armor upgrades and cybernetic enhancements
  • Physical science should use Int not Cha
  • Convert Touch/FF AC boxes to Max Resolve/Stamina boxes
  • Remove HD
  • Remove spell failure boxes
  • Remove hero points line
  • Remove Size boxes
  • Augment/Equipment lines are linked
  • Bulk limit boxes aren't correct
  • Spell levels only go to 6 instead of 9
  • Bulk is only calculated properly for Equipment and not Augments

Yay a sheet that has pretty much everything!! Thanks

Few notes:
The KAC and EAC don't automatically sum from sources
The armor equipped section should have space for KAC and EAC if possible, not just AC, that value also doesn't pull over to the AC rows.
The AC for KAC and EAC are linked
ACP and Max dex also don't auto-fill.
Also the Generate Statblock doesn't work
Gold should be in Credits
Lbs should be changed to Bulk (1/2 str is light limit, str score is max)
(I know, I am spoiled from by the pathfinder sheets)

The sheet looks great! Though, I just have a couple things to say about the sheet. First, why are the EAC and the KAC armor bonuses tied together? The different armors in the game offer different EAC and KAC bonuses that aren't always the same. So if they bound together, which if you input one it will autofill the other, it makes it a bit hard to put in the different AC bonuses.

Secondly, notice that somethings from the starfinder character sheet aren't implamented into the sheet, but I can understand that would require extra coding and a different form layout. The things I've noticed that are not present on the sheet are the bulk windows for equipment and the armor windows not having the EAC, KAC, and upgrade slots windows. Also, another thing is the level window for items is missing from the sheet as well.

But there are just some minor things and complaints about the sheet. Though, I am enjoying the sheet overall and thank you for your great work!

Originally Posted by SerakHawk View Post
Also the Generate Statblock doesn't work
This, I think was also true in the Experimental PF Sheet that the Starfinder sheet was based on. I could be remembering wrong, though.

Thank you guys for being so prompt about getting back to us with problems. I've updated the first post with a "Known Issues" list and I'll work on getting those taken care of over the next couple of days.

Weapons need a block for "Capacity" and "Usage"
Armor needs a block for "Upgrade Slots"
Armor needs separate ratings for "Kinetic" and "Energy"
ALL items need a stat for "Level"
Weight needs to be adjusted for "Bulk"
Gold needs to be changed to "Credits"
The armor block for KAC and EAC are currently linked. They need separate values.
Devoted fields for Armor Upgrades and Cybernetic Augmentations would be EXTREMELY helpful.

All things considered, I really appreciate the speed you were able to get this uploaded. My players will find it useful even with the current flaws. Keep of the great work!

Thanks for getting this up. I'll echo the above comments.

In addition (and this is SFS specific) it would be really helpful if there was a section you could put in the boons, and the boon slots. Likewise if you could record your status/fame with various factions that would be awesome. Given they are society specific you might want them in just a section by themselves.

Skills specific:
The Profession skill can use either Int, Wis or Cha for its prime ability.
Physical science should use Int not Cha

SFS/PFS are almost separate entities. Use the Notes section, maybe? It'd clutter up the sheet for all the people who don't play Society.

Not too bad. Here are my suggestions:

- Touch AC and Flat-Footed AC aren't values in the Starfinder system, so those box can probably be eliminated or repurposed.
- Hit Dice are also one of the things that Pathfinder has that Starfinder doesn't.
- Having a Max Resolve and a Max Stamina cell would help with keeping track of things, imo.
- There is no spell failure percentage in Starfinder, so there's no need to keep track of that.
- There are no Hero Points in Starfinder, though they may bring them back at some point

Anyway, thanks for doing this!

True, but that is why I suggested having a separate section, maybe at the bottom, with those details. Maybe a tick box that shows/hides the sections like some sheets have for weapons/armor? That way non SFS people don't need to worry about them.

SFS faction tracking is a bit more complex than in PFS, and the boon slotting is likewise more regimented now, so sheet support for those functions would be helpful.


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