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A Walk Among The Stars

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A Walk Among The Stars

SWN: New Horizons - Forum
Stars Without Number

Have I got the job for you! Meet me at the Royal Rayal on Rayal in three days and the job is yours. This payout could be big. REALLY big. And a potentially steady income if you play your cards right. The best part? You get to go to a jungle paradise. Just make sure you pack some bugspray.
~Hiro Fujiwara

Hello, everyone!

I am looking for five enthusiastic players to play in Stars Without Number game. You will be part of a crew that has recently come into possession of a small starship, but, due to recent circumstances are down on their luck with an impending payment deadline.

There are five roles that need to filled:

The Captain: The face of the group, the owner of the starship and the one who will assume it's debt.
The Pilot: The guy/gal who actually flies the ship and navigates through the stars.
The Mechanic/Computer Geek: The brains of the outfit. The Pilot may know how the ship moves, but this person truly knows the ship.
The Bruiser: The muscle of the group. The first one to fight and the last one to fall.
The Psychic: Psychics are a breed apart. Many a starship crew has been saved from a sticky situation by a psychic.

About Me
I have been on Myth-Weavers for a few years now and have ran and participated in more than a few games of all varieties. Some of my favorite systems are, in no particular order, Pathfinder, Stars Without Number, and Mutants and Masterminds. When I play in a game, I usually go with the frontlines fighter-type.

I'm presently serving in the U.S. Military and am about 1 to 1.5 months from coming back home from a deployment to Europe. I tell you this, so that you understand that sometimes my schedule can get unpredictably crazy. I will, however, always announce when I'm not going to be able to post for an extended period of time.

I look forward to running another SWN game here on the Weave.

What You Can Expect From This Game
Sandbox-ish: I have an initial adventure planned, as well as another adventure after that. You, the players, will dictate the story, though. The adventure I have is not linear and can be completed in whatever way you see fit.

Firefly-ish: Its a small crew on a small ship, taking jobs as they come.

Space Opera-ish: There's some major factions that are waging interstellar war with each other. Not to mention the various space empires and aliens.

Choices That Matter: Your choices matter. If you topple a planetary government, it will stay toppled. If you blow up the shipyard, the economy will crumble. If you miss a payment on your ship, the debt collectors will come for you.

A Balanced Game: I always try to keep a careful balance between combat and roleplaying. Too much combat can become cumbersome and too much roleplaying, I've found, can burn people out quickly. So I try to keep a happy medium.

What You Should Not Expect

A Fast Posting Rate: Some GM's ask for 1 post/day. Which is completely fine. The nature of my job often leaves me at a disadvantage in regards to posting rates. Thus, I only require 3-5 posts a week. On a busy week for me, that's about the rate I will be posting. Obviously, if I have the chance and if you, the player, has the opportunity, posting more frequently is greatly encouraged.

A Carbon Copy of Whatever Sci-Fi Novel You Just Read: Just... no. The adventures I have prepared are of my own design.

Superhero-Jedi-Gods: Your characters are very susceptible to death. Stars Without Number is a very lethal system. Especially at low levels. You won't be able to wade through hundreds of enemies and come away without a scratch.

What I Expect Of The Players
  • A good attitude and patience with my military schedule.
  • Characters who won't oppose the group at every turn, but will work with the group.
  • If you know that you will be unable to post for long period of time, let me and your fellow players know. We all understand that life happens and this is only a game. We will welcome you back with open arms.
  • If you aren't able to continue or just no longer wish to play, just let me know. You don't have to give me a reason. Just let me know so I can find another player.

You will find the guidelines for submitting a character application here.

If you have any questions about the game, about me, or about creating a character please don't hesitate to ask.

Game Description:

It's been over a hundred years since the Scream, a universe shattering event that left countless worlds cut off from Earth and the Terran Mandate. Humanity was left in the Age of Silence, entire worlds falling to their more primal instincts. Some worlds, the lucky ones, were able to weather the storm and have expanded their influence and prospered.

In the Valhalla Rho sector, the Alliance of Unified Systems has broken off of the Sirion Empire after a lengthy, bloody, and expensive civil war. An uneasy truce has been brokered between the two hegemons, allowing for a time of recovery and peace.

You are part of a crew that has recently come into possession of a new starship. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, you find yourself approaching the deadline of your monthly payment, without a credit to your name. With a lack of jobs available, an old friend, Hiro, approaches you with a job you cannot refuse.

Current posting rate: 2-3 game posts/week.

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Character Guidelines thread has been updated to reflect recent rulings and changes. Check it out here.

Originally Posted by AsenRG View Post
I just want to ask - by "bugspray", you mean "flamethrower", right?
Stop looking at my notes

Also, thank you, Colin!

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Rule #1 when dealing with bugs: When in doubt, flame them out.
I prefer to gas them out, or rather, to hire someone to do it for me!


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