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GM Mentoring

GM Mentoring

After listening to a recent Weaving Myths I started thinking about something. The subject was co GMing with someone. As most gamers of DnD and similar games know, GMs are always in high demand but short supply and from what I have seen here on the Weave that holds true here as well. There are tons of knowledgeable players that have GM potential but it's hard for them to take that leap and officially take on the project of GMing their first game.

I'm fairly new to MW so I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried a project to train potential GMs? Or at the very least, would some of the experienced GM's be willing to take on a player who is interested in learning and being a co GM? The idea is kind of like a GM internship so we can increase the number of available GMs to run games. Any thoughts? Has this been done before on MW?

I don't know if it's been done on MW, but whether it's been done, it makes sense to do so. FWIW, assuming there was a GM who wanted to run an Asen-compatible system in an Asen-compatible way wanted me as a mentor, I'd be up for that!

Of course, if anyone wanted to show me a better way to GM, say, Traveller, I'd be totally up for that, too!

I like the idea. There are a ton of awesome resources over on YouTube for being a better GM. The two FLGS's in town, as well as my local library do "D&D Camp" in the summer, specifically aimed at kids, teaching from making characters, to playing, to adventure design, to GMing. I think having some sort of 'internship' here on the Weave is a great idea.

I can think of several ways this could work, and I don't see any as wrong.

Cailano, a current MW member, did this over on The Tangled Web a few years back. It was quite successful too. It'd be nice to see something similar here.

I am currently running a 3.5 game that I would be willing to bring aboard a player that would like to get some GM experience.

I had a taker. Any other GM's out there willing to mentor a knowledgeable player that wants to be a GM but needs a little help?

Originally Posted by TheRoot View Post
I had a taker. Any other GM's out there willing to mentor a knowledgeable player that wants to be a GM but needs a little help?
Sure, people should just PM me - but depending on system, setting and style the player wants to use, I might or might not be the best mentor.

I don't mind helping... but I'm probably a bad example... I just wing it as I go along.

Well, when I was a Sunday School teacher I usually looked for guys in my class that showed potential and I would mentor them to teach. Same principal applies here, if you have players already that may be interested, see if any of them want to take the next step and give them some GM work to do.

I feel like I could have a lot to say on certain topics that might be helpful, but they're topics that I don't think many people are generally that interested in thinking about in greater detail because it's so... Extra in a way. Things like how to maintain player agency, appropriate use of appropriate threats, telegraphing intent, and plot/narrative structure. Stuff that's more like an advanced course than any kind of basics.

Oh, and understanding different systems. That's always fun. I like teaching the principles of different systems to people.

That, and my preferred method of doing this would be more of an interactive live classroom rather than a forum thread. It's easier to me to write short bits at a time in a live environment, answering questions and going on a few tangents here and there than it is to write long stretches of text.


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