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Glaivelock equipment suggestions - two specific problems

You mean Hecka or whatever? Naw, I just got DotU not that long ago, maybe 2 months or so.

Bodysuit of Crisco will help with those pesky grapplers. Comes in handy when it's your turn to cook for the party too.

I'd imagine that might also help with your move silently checks. No squeaky armor here!

Originally Posted by Roy View Post
Assume Supernatural Ability on the Eldritch Blast. What SR?

For grapplers, if you can't FoM, try Combat Reflexes + Close Quarters Fighting. They try, you AoO them, and get a bonus equal to your damage on the check to resist. Glaivelocks hit hard.
IIRC, Assume Supernatural Ability has been ruled/errata'd to work only on racial SLAs, not those gained from class levels. (And in any event, it's from a nonallowed book that's mostly 3.0 and contains several dubious elements.

How is Combat Reflexes + Close-Quarters Fighting supposed to fix this problem? Glaivelock has a reach weapon, which is ineffective when up close - if they're in your face, you do not get the AoO to prevent them grappling.

The ring of FoM is weeeeeell out of my price range, but I am going to look at that cloak. DotU is also not an approved book, but custom magical items are definitely allowed. I sorta expect to see a price hike on it, if it's as good as advertised, but...

Bodysuit of Crisco! Now, there's an idea, especially since this is supposed to be a very large, busty blond female Glaivelock. But, where is this item/spell listed??

But, where is this item/spell listed??
Book of Erotic Fantasy, of course.


Most of the grappling threats are bigger than you (Medium). Pretty much everything Large or Larger has reach. So do you. Who says it'd be inside your reach?

That, and you could still do it with something else. It just wouldn't work anywhere near as well.

In any case you should have Combat Reflexes anyways, because you have reach. Nuff said.

A noted point, and one I am currently looking at. Perhaps my 9th-level feat will suffice for that.

Combat reflex works better at lower levels (in my experience); Tend to run into smaller groups of huger monsters later; are you going to worry about the horde of orcs or mephits at lv 10? Of course, it will still be a good feat at any level, but if you can get it early, go for it.


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