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starting a game... maybe

starting a game... maybe

I run and play on some games on and was wondering how hard/easy it would be to run one here. I don't know anything about Html or such, if it doesn't run smoothly with 'point and click' I may have alot of problems.
Also, can you give access to players and allow them to post under different names (so that Playerone can be Tordak- his character)?

You can see that most of the buttons are listed under the advanced options.

You might want to pick up just a bit of HTML to make things easier/faster but it's not neccessary.

there are a couple of firefox extensions that make it crazy quick to post... COLT (copy link text) and BBCode (gives right click context menus that include BBCode formatting)... or something like that... I'm not at my laptop...

The second extension is BBCodeXtra

Actually, learning HTML will be of utterly no use, because you can't include HTML in your posts. Look down the bottom left of the thread - "HTML is Off". You might want to learn BBCode and some of MW's fancy functions, but there's buttons for the lot of them, if you wish.

RPOL's post-as-character system isn't in place here. I think - and I'm not 100% sure, so don't take my word as gospel here - that this is a deliberate thing. People post as themselves, so that you know who you're gaming with. You can get an idea of who someone is, it's more of a community.

But, again, I've not been on RPOL for longer than a cursory glance, and I can't recall where I got this idea from. It may have even been another PbP site.

Give MW a shot. Worse case scenario? You're running one game with inferior tools. Best case scenario? You're running multiple games with superior tools. What have you got to lose here?

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