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Swordmage Preview

Swordmage Preview

Since it's not something that's been widely talked about, perhaps because it's hidden inside the RPGA site, but a preview for Forgotten Realms Player's Guide including part of the Swordmage class and the Genasi races has come out.

Link here

Thanks for the heads up. Pretty awesome stuff. It just made a 'consider buying' into a 'must buy'. That class looks spectacular.

O_o? Holy crap, +3 bonus to AC AND a teleporting opportunity attack as your mark ability? Jeebus, crazy, although his craptastic number of healing surges make up for it.

Well, we aren't seeing the total power list, but it looks like he'll have some okay control abilities balanced with great mobility and some nice single target burst. I like the two different mark abilities a lot. I'm interested in seeing how the higher tier powers will be different depending on your choice.

The skill list is poor but that I think is a good balance for the class. I'm excited.

Originally Posted by LandDolphin View Post
I have a feeling that as things go on, the new classes will keep out shinning the core classes.
Its not outshining much.

Again, we haven't seen the total power list, but if the Swordmage continues to remain in this vein throughout its 30 levels I don't foresee it over shadowing any of the other classes. They may have similar roles, but they go about them in very different ways.

The Swordmage is a defender. Let's look at the most comparable classes: the other defenders, Fighter and Paladin. Each class seems to be built around two roles a primary role which is listed in the book explicitly and a secondary role which is implicit in their power list. Further we see major differences based upon their power source.

The Fighter is a martial defender/striker able to deal gobs of damage.
The Paladin is a divine defender/leader able to take and heal gobs of damage.
The Swordmage seems to be an arcane defender/controller able to deal a lot of damage to a lot of enemies.

There is more than a flavor difference between the classes, but rather a mechanical difference. Look at the differing taunts and you'll see this.

The Fighter marks everyone he swings at. EVERYONE he swings at. His challenge allows him to make an opportunity attack against someone who doesn't normally provoke an opportunity attack just by marking him.

The Paladin can call out one target at a medium range and mark him. That target stays marked only so long as the Paladin actively engages him. If that target doesn't go after the Paladin then he suffers divine retribution.

The Swordmage can single out a single nearby target at mark him. Then he can let that guy wander off to a medium range. When that guy inevitably attacks someone else the Swordmage can either teleport to his back and stab him or interpose a shield of arcane force that reduces the damage that the target was planning on doing to one of the Swordmage's friends.

For further illustration about how classes can serve the same role but not overlap just look at the Ranger and the Rogue in the PHB. Both are Martial Striker/Strikers. Both deal gobs of damage without magic. They have a totally different feel and totally different combat situations wherein they excel. As long as the classes being released maintain this kind of diversity of powers and flavor, I don't see anyone's toes getting stepped on.

the Genasi rock, I hope there is a way to make Para and quazi- souled genasi.

I think a Magma and Ooze would be nice.

MagmaSoul could stomp and knock people prone and give them one going fire damage

OozeSouls could ride a muck wave around the battle feild making diffcult terrian.


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