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QuirkyJoe's Active AL Characters

QuirkyJoe's Active AL Characters

All AL PCs (current as of March. 16, 2019)

Digs the Druid - ToA with Nametaker

Gauthak "Horncarver" of Clan Thuliaga, Male Goliath Fighter (L5) - Lost Mines of Phandelver (DM ballon)

Janaki Ammal, Female Human Inquisitive L5 - Waterdeep: Dragon Heist with PK

Mary the Kind, Female Human Cleric (Arcana Domain) L1 - MissAttributed

Pious, Male Black-Scaled Dragonborn (Eldritch Knight) - Dungeon of the Mad Mage (DM Poor_Knight)

Thunder, Female Tabaxi Bard - AL Approved Characters - The Drowned Tower

Tislynn the Daring, Female Duergar Rogue (L1) - Vrock's Curse of Strahd


All non-AL PCs (current as of March. 16, 2019)

Anais - Gothos: The Trials of Azureth (w/Trelane)

Bree Three-Hands - Exandria: Brawler's League (w/Gumboy)

Fijit Diss - Rise of the Runelords 5E (w/Craigmacc)

Fijit Diss - Tyranny of Dragons 5E (w/Shambala)

Frug "Badger" Nackle - The Crystal Spires (w/Craigmacc)

Helja - Red Hand of Doom 5E (w/Craigmacc)

Shei Yuan - Dungeon of the Mad Mage (w/Shambala)

Shei Yuan & Thunder - Not Vox Machina: Adventures in Exandria (w/Gumboy)

Tisha Swornheart - Chaos in Carnage Castle (w/Vator)

Witness - Rejected Characters Cavalcade (w/Voord 99)


Inactive, but enjoyable AL Characters

Artemis, Female Tiefling Ranger - In AL Approved Characters folder for later access

Bree Three-Hands, Female Halfling Rogue

Cora Underbough, Female Halfling Monk - AL Approved Characters

Father Georg - Between Games

Flea Two-Feet, Female Human War Wizard (L4) - AL Approved Characters

Garona Halforcen, Female Half-Orc Cleric L5 - AL Approved Characters

Sam, Female Human Paladin

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