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FFG L5R Beta: A Ronin's Path

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FFG L5R Beta: A Ronin's Path

A Ronin's Path - Forum


There was some interest in putting together a game to run through the sample adventure in Fantasy Flight Games' Legend of the Five Rings beta test rules, so I've decided to get a group together to give it a shot. Whether you've played L5R before and want to give it a shot, or never played but have an interest in the setting, you're more than welcome to apply!

You can download the Beta rules here.

Character creation guidelines can be found here.

This game will be fairly casual - we'll just be running through the adventure as is and learning the system as we go. On the off chance that we get more than 5 applications, I'll figure out how to handle it then and let you all know.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, or in one of the game's discussion threads.

Game Description:

Legend of the Five Rings: A Ronin's Path

A Samuari has been murdered in Ishikawa Mura, in the lands of the Crab Clan. Emerald Magistrate Seppun Hirohide has taken a group of his agents to investigate, and bring the murderer (or murderers) to justice. Little do they know that this murder is just one link in a dire chain of events that threaten to plunge the Emerald Empire into chaos.

The abyss stares also into you.

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Very cool @X51 - thank you for putting this together and offering to run it! The Weave needs more L5R games.

Thanks for running this, I've been interested in seeing how the system works, and will be reading even if I don't get the chance to play.

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