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The Combat Cheat Sheet!

The Combat Cheat Sheet!

Work massively in progress.

To Do:

Attack rolls and defenses
How to earn hero points
What you can spend hero points on
Combat posting
hit points
heroes advantage

Damage TrackHit Points = Game's Power Level

The Toughness Save: Toughness will be rolled normally, with the level of failure determining how many hit points are lost. Consult the following table:

Failed by 1-5:1 hit point damage
Failed by 6-10:2 hit points damage
Failed by 11-15:3 hit points damage
Failed by 16-20:4 hit points of damage

When a character's hit points reaches zero, they are considered to be Disabled. Any action taken after this condition occurs results in unconsciousness. A character dies if he fails any toughness save after reaching zero hit points.

New FeatsSoak:
Increases maximum Hit Points by 1 per rank. Soak can only be taken a number of times equal to the game's power level, effectively capping Hit Points at PLx2.

The Regeneration effect will keep most of its functionality. You will regenerate 1 hit point per minute, per rank, divided evenly among the turns in that minute. Example: With 10 combat turns per minute, Regeneration 10 will recover 10 hit points per minute or 1 hit point per turn.

Each use of the Healing effect will recover one hit point per degree of success.

Hero's Advantage:

This initiative rule is simple. The heroes of the story will act first in any combat turn in which they are not surprised. Following this will be heroic NPCs, friendly minions and then enemy minions, in that order. A surprised hero will not act on that turn. Actions between players will be resolved on a 'first post, first act' basis.

Posting Combat Actions:

All out of character actions should be posted at the bottom of your post, after descriptions. Anything mechanical - not in character - including dice rolls, should be in a spoiler at the end of the post.


Bob is a terrible writer and punches Sue in the head and this is his entire post.

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