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Chronojackers - Thieves Through Time [City of Mists]

Chronojackers - Forum
Apocalypse World

Out of Sight, Out of Time
Step in the shoes of a Chronojacker, a thief who as well as equipped with an entire magical arsenal and power base also takes on the extra field of time travel. Your entryway is time, your getaway is time and once you run out of time then your good as gone. Get ready for getting rich and getting even in a fun filled campaigned of grand theft time.

Game Information
Chronojackers is played in the City of Mists system which is based in PbtA. The game is a character-focused and driven tale about the scoundrels who know time and make it their life work to steal from it. A game of where criminals become larger than life myths, and also draw the line between the myth and their humanity.

Why is this a City of Mists game? At its core, it's a heist game. A beautiful heist game where you need your wits, preparation to crack a multi-form puzzle with the reward being: the score. But not only do you have to worry about not getting caught, you also have to balance your normal life in your own timeline. Your psyche as your mythos/identity as a thief seeks to ever consume your entire life. A dark conspiracy from the underbelly. A game that is a CoM at it's core.

Please post your character in the Application folder and one other thing do not make Generic Placeholder thread like 'Username's Workshop' (I will delete them.). This is a personal pet peeve of mine and 50% of these threads do not ever come to fruition. Please have atleast, a name, picture, and/or concept ready to post so atleast I can have a feel of what to expect. If there are many applications do not be intimidated I will choose from the full pool regardless on how long people have been there. That being said, being early does allow you to ask me for pre-review. Lastly I am looking for active players on a schedule to atleast post 2-3 times a week, even if you can provide a status update. That being said, if the party can put up a faster pace, I will try my best to respond in term.

What Should I Expect?
This is not a gritty expose, it's not a hardcore psychological thriller, it's a somewhat light-hearted tale about stealing artifacts through crime. This is not to say that the campaign doesn't include massive character development, an ever-expanding mystery, interesting challenges, and a colorful cast of characters. This is an effort in group story-telling inspired by movies such Ocean's 11, The Italian Job, other heists movies and games such as Persona 5.

Applications will close at the end of Febuary.

Game Description:

In the modern world exposed to time travel, a business of elite theft of artifacts has become booming. A constant battle has arrived between the elite time hunters designed to catch these elite thieves. This is their story, the age of the the Chronojackers.

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Added some additional information for people who might be a little concerned that I'm not playing with the central themes that a CoM offers.

This game seems to lack two core elements of City of Mists: The City and the Mist. In CoM, a mysterious force hides magic from almost everyone. Even if characters try to prove that they have mystical powers, the general public simply won't believe them. Thor and Merlin could have an epic elemental showdown in plain sight; Only to be dismissed as a pair of cosplayers using cheap special effects. As far as I can tell, that's not true in this setting.

Likewise, the game is usually confined to a single (capital 'C) City. Anything outside the City might as well not exist. Characters don't even know the names of anywhere beyond its borders. Everything just gets handwaved as 'out of town'. I get the impression that this isn't true here either. Chronojackers seems to take place in a full world.

Please correct me if I've got the wrong idea. But so far, I don't see how this qualifies as a City of Mists game.

Firstly, it qualifies as a City of Mist game because it's running in the City of Mist system. The moves are there, the downtime is there, the photomontage is there. It's for sure not your conventional noir in a city, but I didn't want to run that.

I apologize if it wasn't clear but magic is not a public thing, it is something still very secret reserved for the people that manifest as well as the upper echelon that seek to employ it. Also the mist that protects the Rifts and everything they do is physical and metaphorical. City of Mists is a game about not fully understanding the power you have discovered within yourself, it's a game of character discovery as well as actual discovery.

For your second point, it doesn't matter if the setting is not the base. Vampire the Masquerade doesn't always need to take place in a city, Monsterhearts doesn't always need to take place in school, and Dungeons & Dragons can play without a hint of either of it's title.

I'm sorry if it defies your expectation of what a CoM is. But that's why this is an advertisement and your in no way required to apply or give it a second look. Overall I hope I have answered your concerns/questions on the premise of this game.

We got around nine applicants so far, would love to see what others are possibly thinking of doing.

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