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General Discussion

We needed an official "OOC" thread so DM table announcements and player verification requests don't get buried under random musing.

Feel free to muse randomly here.

If you need PC verification or are looking for a table you may want to post that in the Chamber of Waiting.

Originally Posted by odonabhan View Post
Busy busy day today forewarning for people in games im in/running
thanks for the heads up

This was NOT the thread I thought I was in! Never mind!

@LumenPlacidum, I certainly hope that it wasn't in LToMD that your illusion was ignored; I don't ever want to do that to a player!

Totally wasn't! The problem is one of being able to describe things accurately enough. Wow, I'm embarrassed, this was NOT the thread I thought I was posting in.

Evil PCs

Greetings, everyone! I am strongly considering making a Lawful Evil character for AL games. The way evil is being spun in 5e -- as a measure of selfishness -- it seems workable. I have some ideas, but I'm looking for any kind of feedback or suggestions for playing a LE character that is actually a valuable member of a party.

Anyone on my tables from Australia? If so, I will be forced to hold your character personally responsible for the season four finale of Wentworth.


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