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Restoring Evil: An Unbalanced World

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Restoring Evil: An Unbalanced World

Restoring Evil - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Howdy folks! This is my first time DMing here on Mythweavers, or DMing via play by post at all. The campaign I've got for you today is a little different, being an evil campaign, but it's got a concept I came up with years ago and have loved ever since, but have just not been able to put into play. But, roleplaying via play by post gives me a unique opportunity to really let this concept shine.

The Concept: Essentially, a major god of evil has been slain by a group of powerful (think 20th level) adventurers. However, this act has thrown off the balance of the world. Things are beginning to head towards trouble, and it seems the only way to fix it is to restore balance...But of course, the god-killing heroes don't want to do it. Enter you: A group of scoundrels and rapscallions who are the only ones willing to do this dirty job.

What I'm Looking For: I'm hoping for a group of mature, responsible people who can play a group of evil and immoral characters without falling into complete debauchery, or endlessly backstabbing each other.
Tonally, I tend to keep things pretty light, but I like to think I can get things serious when the mood calls for it.
As far as posting schedule goes, I'm fairly lenient. As long as you manage something like 4-5 posts every week, I should be satisfied.
As for the contents of those posts, I'd like you to give me something to work with, and bigger is probably better here, but I understand if you just can't get the juices flowing and end up putting out a shorter post. After all, how much flavor can you pack into making an attack roll against an enemy?

Technical Stuff: Speaking of combat, we'll be doing this "theater of the mind" style. No battlemaps, just work with the space that I provide to you in my narration. Don't be afraid to invent minor details though. If you want to pick up a chair and smash it against someone's head, even if I haven't mentioned any chairs explicitly, I say go for it.
The deadline for applications will be March 1st, and I'll take a few more days to deliberate before picking out players. I'll be looking for 4-5 players for this game, but if more catch my eye, then the size of the party very well may expand.

The Setting: The setting for this campaign is going to be a homebrew one that I've been thinking about for probably a year now. To give you a brief overview: the world is structured as one large continent, with several countries that are all based on a certain kind of mythology. There's more specific details in the game thread itself, but there's still not a ton solidified, so I'm definitely open to generating new ideas. If you want to come from a specific town, or be a member of a specific royal family, I say go for it.

Game Description:

Everyone is celebrating.
Abaddel, god of demons and evil, is dead. He has been slain by a group of four powerful adventurers, who have now retired to safety. There are parades in the streets, taverns are full, churches holding sermons in celebration.
Everyone is celebrating.
In the Abyss, there is a power vacuum. The goddess of devils, Tyregal, moves her forces to take the Abyss, and put an end to the millennia long Blood War. Cultists sacrifice in her name, evil paladins begin to mobilize to bring in a new world order of madness and evil.
Everyone is celebrating.
Everyone but you. You are a scoundrel, a fiend, someone that most would consider "evil". And though you may not have had any great fondness for Abaddel personally, you know what this is. A new era for peace, for the self-righteous puritans that think themselves so much better than you to persecute you further. Young heroes are emboldened, slaying orc strongholds, rampaging through goblin tribes, and even laying waste to the slums in cities that hold mostly "monstrous" races.
So when the world starts falling into chaos because of the fundamental blow that has been dealt to balance, you are the only one who is willing to do anything about it.

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Originally Posted by Dinglegs View Post
...without falling into complete debauchery...
...Awww never mind.

This seems like an interesting concept.

I'm wondering how much will be RP based, NPC based, puzzle based, and combat based?

Mmmmm... this looks super interesting, I think I will have to seriously consider an application :"D
@avcherrypie, I think this might be up your alley too.

I so very much am interested in this concept. I have had the chance to play the evil route only a few times and of course it all fell apart with secret allegiances and everyone turning on each other. I would love to be part of something like this.

Sound fun. It's been ages since I had the chance to play an evil character.
"Without falling into complete debauchery" sounds reasonable.

I'm very interested in this, but I'm wondering if you guys would be tolerant of a complete noob to both DnD and PbP?


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