Naruto World (d20)

Not sure if this is where i can post this, but here goes!

Naruto World is an alternative-world set on the Naruto universe, where a bunch of stuff happened. Such as Naruto being assassinated as a Hokage 100 years ago and more! (Orochimaru leading Sound in the body of an Uchiha rings a bell).

The game is based on d20s, however defense not accuracy is rolled. It's a tactical game where heavier attacks tend to take more time to unleash and combo-string attacks are a thing, not just back and forth between two people until one falls over. If you enjoy detailled games where even a rookie genin can make a huge difference, check us out. One of our Genin accidentally assassinated the Hokage, for example!

Check us out if you're interested or even if you're bored: https://doscprd/ggJKgJFe