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Hey People,
Welcome back to Godsfall...
- Aram Vartian, creator of Godsfall: Divine & Conquer

You are about to witness an experiment on a PbP D&D5e game. The players play the game as if there is an audience witnessing their every move. They reveal as much or as little to each other (and the audience at large) as they choose, and given the setting, there is much to be discovered.

Rumor has it that this game might eventually become an audio drama...

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What is the Setting?

98 years ago, the 37 old gods went to war against each other for an hour. Not a god survived. As his final act, the last god - Zavan, the ascended mortal of Aspiration - created a massive storm to shield 3000 miles of the world from destruction. In its eye, 5 kingdoms - Ani, Brenus, Kadar, Ryzan, and Wessle - struggle to maintain peace.

When the last god fell, magic disappeared virtually overnight. Magical creatures - faeries, dragons, minotaurs, unicorns, even imps - disappeared with them. Faint traces exist here and there, rooted out by a zealous antitheot organization known as The Seekers.

Who are the heroes?
This is Alric, a tiefling thief with a rather large chip on his shoulder. His former lover and guild leader, Coins, tried to drown him on Capena's docks. She doesn't know it yet, but Alric is a hard one to drown.
This is Mamlemin Ono, an old human man struggling with a past he can't fully remember. His village, having witnessed an inky glow about his eyes, ostracized him to the remote Li-Gun Mountain. He's about to find there's more to him than mere glowing eyes.
This is Mieli Chrysoberyl, a free gnome who is the current commissioned artist for Captain Rumilon Stormhaven. When his home was attacked by thieves, she and Rumilon fled to his boat: the Tale of the Gale. If not for her strange powers, neither would be alive.
This is Onok Flatrock, a peasant orc from Clan Flatrock. When his village is raided by Clan Deathhammer, he caught a falling wall to save his fellow villagers. But can he face Chieftain Razhagal, Clan Deathhammer's lead raider, in Honored Combat?
This is Ralikanthae Sytharyn, a pale elf from The Wild of Brenus. After entering (and exiting) the Archstone, he was visited by a strange voice and nearly killed by a strange, otherworldly creature. Can Ralikanthae manage the voice's wishes while keeping his hunger at bay?

What are the heroes?

You'll need to read to find out. (;

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