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Final Fantasy: Vessels of Beyond

Final Fantasy: Vessels of Beyond - Forum
Final Fantasy D6

Yarezua is a world splintered and divided by space and time. Once, they were all one people, sojourners from the mysterious Beyond for reasons lost to the ages. Most believe sapient beings were spirits come to experiment in the physical realms, playing at more limited fleshly lives for a time whether for delight or introspection - but one day they were destined to return Beyond when the body was fallen, back to their full and true selves. And so the mysteries of origin were ephemeral - the answers, if even important, were for the departed.

Aeons after the supposed First Beyond, two great nations arose in the richest, central lands of Yarezua - consolidated by war in their forming they were fated to clash and so they did. The northerners had the advantage, and pushed the south back through half of their territory, down to the other side of the Kireigs - a vast, nearly impregnable mountain range with but one narrow pass traversable for armies. Facing this, the north advanced no further, suffering bitter failure after failure trying to push through the bottleneck or find another route. In the end, peace became a necessity - grudging at first, but the two empires ultimately turned their vision of conquest elsewhere.

The north, known as The Thanzarian Empire, set its sights on the mysterious lands overseas, where sailors claimed untold riches awaited, guarded by vicious tribes. The south, in its ultimate defeat, turned inward on itself, splintering into near a hundred separate fiefdoms or city-states as central authority collapsed. Their one-time imperial name became meaningless and cursed - in its place the people called the region The Wilderheart.

In one territory in the far north of The Wilderheart, called the Kingdom of Helles since antiquity, the mighty king and hero Barsuthius has reigned for a generation in a land he pulled out of oppression through the toppling of the tyrant Palledorvum. Middle-aged already when he accomplished this revolutionary feat and his sons lost in the struggle, all of his legacy was laid upon the shoulders of his daughter, Esceril. In her early years and showing great promise, Barsuthius proclaimed her the Heiress Apparent, and groomed her on the path to becoming a Queen.

And so she grew into adulthood, a fine, shrewd woman of eighteen already involved in matters of state with bold opinion. Unfortunately, one area she remained stubborn on was marriage. Every year, for her birthday Barsuthius threw a ball, each more lavish than the last, conspiring and conniving to pull a fine lad from the greater masses of minor nobility threaded through The Wilderheart. All to find one that could catch her eye . . . and heart, for all that it would twist his own.

And so the day was written - a party, a feast, a dance. What no one knew was what was brewing under the surface . . . no one knew just how much would change on that auspicious occasion. For the Kingdom of Helles, for the Wilderheart, and perhaps for all of Yarezua itself.

Welcome to a game of high magic, adventure and epic story - welcome to Final Fantasy! We'll take a journey inspired by these games and games like them, with a gradually widening scope. Things will Get Real in the middle of the ball - in fact, the proverbial excreta shall impact the rotary blade, and key players in the fate of the world will soon be revealed . . .

So in considering a character concept, it's good to figure out why you're at the ball. There's plenty of potential reasons - an aspiring suitor (don't forget your gift!), a sworn man of The Royal Guard, an honored townsperson, a thief that conned their way in. I should also note that Princess Esceril is an integral part of the story, so orchestrating a tie to her is a potentially good idea. If not her directly, the character should have a reason to love the country or at the very least, be a person on their way to caring about things. If your concept would motivate you to have your character run away at the first sign of Bad Stuff Happening, well, you need to tweak your concept. This does make some ideas easier to integrate, but if you/we can make it work I am open to less 'tidy' or convenient motives for becoming embroiled so long as it isn't 'utter traitor'.

Technology level for The Wilderheart is late Medieval or early Renaissance with sophisticated magic blended in. Airships exist but are like precious artifacts. More advanced technologies are on the cusp or cutting edge of development. Gameworld details are HERE - see Regions for the 'technology' entry.

The system is Final Fantasy D6 - this is an entirely free system and you can find it HERE. House rules in effect are HERE. There are no restricted classes. If you want to play a White Mage because you like playing healers and such, please do so BUT don't pick it just to fill the 'slot' - if there is no PC White Mage you will have an NPC one. Re-skins of classes (i.e. bold flavor changes) are entirely welcome. For Ninja, 'Witch Hunter' could be a thing (see 'Ordlum' in Regions).

Go HERE for the place to put your application as a thread - I'd prefer Job name (or flavor version of it if different) in the title somehow. The character creation form and such is in my post there. Don't 'private' your form, though you can private some details at your discretion, if needed for concept. For pictures, I prefer 'digital art' as apposed to a real photo or basic anime. And if you have an unusual concept or just want assurance for a general idea, feel free to run it by me first.

Character ties, relationships, hooks, integrated side-plot schemes between characters and to the Princess or King are greatly encouraged, and significant effort/contribution in this regard will be rewarded with an additional 'General' Destiny Point to start the game with. This may start theoretical in the beginning of the character generation process, just an idea or hook, but the DP is only rewarded for full integration. It must be significant to the characters involved and get a thumbs up from me.

I'll make decisions about who integrates into the game best together in about 3 weeks, so that's on . . . April 15. I say it that way because that's the way I see it - the whole of a team and the corresponding saga that can be told is greater than the sum of its parts. Ideally, I am excited about the things that could happen to and with a character in the campaign, and sometimes ideas spawn spontaneously in the middle of the process.

And with that, I'm done chattering (briefly) - so thank you very kindly for your interest and good luck!

Game Description:

Written on the back of the game case . . .

The Truth Lies Beyond Imagination . . .
On the mystical world of Yarezua, deep troubles brew and ancient mysteries lie on the cusp of rediscovery. In the Wilderheart - a once proud Empire shattered into tiny feuding realms - little is truly known about what comes, what has been boiling beneath the surface. On one providential day, a birthday ball for a promising Heiress commences - smiles, joy and jest sparkle at a lovely apogee of display in days most regarded as optimistic. But soon that would end, and time would catch up with the sleeping country, the lounging region, the world with its eyes sealed shut. Soon the people would pray that Yarezua itself might survive what loomed on the horizon. Pray for champions, for vessels of the divine on which to hang the banner of their hope as they sailed on, into the Horror and the Dark.

One thing was certain: victory or defeat, life or death, their journey and end would be one true, Final Fantasy.

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Interested but very unfamiliar with the system. Will that be a problem/are you willing to help newbies to the system?

This feels very FF Tactics which if my jam.

I am also unfamiliar with this system but yet I'm willing to learn it, I'm already being pulled towards both the Red Mage and the White Mage

I'm thinking Black Mage

I've encountered the system a few times before, but never seen it in play. So I know more or less how to do character creation, but not much beyond.

I play in Gomamon2k's Chrono Trigger game that uses these rules. They're easy to learn, and easy to play. I wouldn't sweat being unfamiliar with it.

EDIT: It's a 2d6 system - and 2d6 is the only kind of rolls needed to be made, at least so far. You roll once for both to-hit and damage, using the same roll and applying different modifiers.

To Everyone: I look forward to seeing your concepts! Lack of familiarity with the system definitely isn't a problem and I'll help however I can. One can probably put together a concept just on ideas/background alone though checking out a Job and its abilities is a good idea.

Will probably edit the Q&A to indicate this - always miss something. ^_^

Originally Posted by Arete View Post
This feels very FF Tactics which if my jam.
Definitely some influence there, though not the literal tactical system. I thought about it, since there's an optional system in the book which uses it. But the base system is great, classic perhaps, and allows for some more cinematic license so I decided to preserve it.

Originally Posted by Sala View Post
I've encountered the system a few times before, but never seen it in play. So I know more or less how to do character creation, but not much beyond.
Awesome - I see your application there, thanks much, I'll be checking it out in the near future. Nice image, btw!

Originally Posted by spyrosbaldr View Post
I play in Gomamon2k's Chrono Trigger game that uses these rules. They're easy to learn, and easy to play. I wouldn't sweat being unfamiliar with it.

EDIT: It's a 2d6 system - and 2d6 is the only kind of rolls needed to be made, at least so far. You roll once for both to-hit and damage, using the same roll and applying different modifiers.
Hey there, spyros. I definitely agree they're reasonably easy to pick up - the game was kinda designed that way, I think.

By the way, nice sheet design over in that game. I 'might' have pulled a few 'ideas' from it, for my template. ;-D

Please borrow as much as you like!

Hey, am really interested and have been wanting to play in a FFD6 game for a long while now.
Would playing a Witch Hunter from Ordlum be okay? (Ranger class). His/her motivations would be along the lines of hearing a rumor that a noble from Ordlum may be targeting Helles Nobles/Royalty by planting rumors of witchcraft and foul magic. She has come to prove these rumors wrong and protect the nobles/royals from other witch hunters/assassins posing as witch hunters.
If that concept isn't okay then perhaps a dancer (Entertainer) who was invited to the party to perform?
The reason I'm asking here instead of posting a character application yet is I wouldn't want to write up a whole character and then realize they're not allowed or something.


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