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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Or it could be both. Since, y'know, stuff happens

Yeah, I just passed 10k today. I guess I still have a little life.

Still a couple of hundred posts short of 10k. Does this mean I have more life than you guys? Cause if so, I'm scared.

Hammie managed to keep a busy travel job and get married (next month) all while having no life! It takes talent to do that all at once

good for you hammerfist!
Lol, i only have... 751 posts. But i suppose thats good since ive been on MW since september last year.

I know it's rather cheap, but this post is my 9,000th. I would have rather it gone in a game somewhere, but MW Law states that on your day off, your games will be dormant.

Indeed. The slower things are at work, the fewer posts that happen in my active games. But log in on a hectic, Monday morning? And I've got 27 unread threads to respond to.

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