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Myth Weavers' Milestones

15,000. Probably yesterday or day before, not sure. Just.... 37,000 or go to catch up, as long as the leader retires this very second. number 17,000!!!!


I used to think 5 digits was a really big deal.

As said elsewhere, Hammie have 17,000 reasons to show he has no life

Well...this is my 10th post here (not counting my tomfoolery in the NS forum). That counts for something, right?

Congrats on all the milestones posted here.

Slight threadromancy, but...

First game I've ever run in PbP has past the 6 months active play milestone! Huzzah!

This thread was built for threadromancy! Congrats on making it that far. Here's to another 6 months and beyond!

Originally Posted by Kid Gloves
First game I've ever run in PbP has past the 6 months active play milestone! Huzzah!
This deserved threadromancy. And a huge freakin' pat on the back! Congratulations.

On a related note, for the first time (I've started and failed at running ~4 games on various sites...), I've DMed a game online in which the characters actually leveled up. It's been active just over 2 weeks... Most of us have jobs that involve staring at a computer screen most of the day... But hopefully it will be long-running!

2012 - the year I noticed Ithamar and I have the same birthday. Hope yours is at least as good as mine!

In other news, I've got my second game passing the 5 year mark this month, and a third is passing the 4 year mark. May they both last many more.

Wow, very cool on the long term games, dauph! And happy birthday back to you! My day started off by having to get to work an hour early because I'm slammed (and probably shouldn't be posting on MW). Hopefully your day started off better.

Happy birthday, dude! Congrats on the long games; glad to see that the thrill isn't gone

Hammie is also scared. This thread has him in June celebrating post 17,000. Except now he has 18,233ish.

I am the coolest man ever! I have nothing to do as a business traveler and RPGs give me my 'high'

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