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Aeon - The Forgotten Sentinel

Aeon - The Forgotten Sentinel

The Forgotten Sentinel


Well, barring the inevitable slippery typographical error that evaded my gaze after hours of eye-searing screen composition and a long workday, my application is complete, and with less than 90 minutes to spare before the deadline!

Everyone did such excellent creative work here. Naturally I hope to make the cut but you are clearly spoiled for choice Vox...

While I'm aware I'm barely skating in under the deadline, any comments or feedback from your end is appreciated.


p.s. the pants are mesmerizing for some reason, maybe because it leaves me with the question of whether your pants are made of your skin material, or your character is made of pants.

Some suggestions on how to spend 15pp:

  • Double Interpose
    This is a homebrew advantage which allows the user to Interpose twice per round instead of once per round. As homebrew, Vox would need to approve it. My experience has been that this is a solid advantage balance-wise - it comes with the standard drawback that you're still taking the hit, so even if you're a tough character you're still tanking multiple hits in a round.
  • Area Interpose
    These are homebrew advantages which allows the user to Interpose for 1 ally affected by an Area attack, essentially throwing your body in the way of the explosion. If multiple allies are targeted by the attack, you may only interpose for one of them. If you do this, you are automatically treated as having failed the reflex save to halve the damage. My experience with this advantage is that its a solid advantage balance-wise - the main benefit is that Area attacks typically ignore Interpose, so guardian type characters can get frustrated that they can't protect vulnerable party members against them. This advantage rectifies that.
  • Luck 5-6
    I'm a big fan of Luck, both as bad-luck protection and for landing that one attack that you really, really need to land.
  • Uncanny Dodge
  • Increase Primordial Potence's Improved Critical 2 to Improved Critical 4

  • {10pp} Immunity [Uncommon Resistances] (Half)
    Uncommon Resistances applies to effects that use a non-common resistance; IE, anything that uses the Alternate Resistance modifier. In play this mainly but not exclusively ends up applying to Dodge-resisted effects. In general it limits the nasty surprises of enemies with unusual attacks getting around your defenses by targeting an attribute that you did not expect. In Aeon's case, being so heavily Toughness shifted it will prevent him from folding like a towel when attacked by Dodge-resisted effects.
  • {2pp} Imposing Aegis: Luck Control 1 [Offensive Reroll] (Limited to forcing enemies to reroll attacks)
    Although I've mixed opinions on Luck Control overall, I've found that for guardian type characters it is effective as a defensive aegis type ability that you use to force the enemy to reroll any critical hits they land on the party. The same principle applies if the enemy rolls very high with attacks that benefit from multi-attack. Even if it doesn't change the odds of the attack itself hitting or missing on the reroll, odds are very low the enemy will roll multiple critical hits in a row.
  • {1pp} AE: Robot Restoration: Regeneration 10 (Limit: Bruises Only)
    This costs 5pp, but you'd stick it in your Android Alacrity array. The idea of an immortal guardian fits with being able to self-repair makes sense to me, and its a good fit for that array because some rounds in combat you just don't need to move. So rather than flying around, Aeon redirects his energy to fixing some of the minor damage he's received so far.

I price Immunity [Uncommon Resistances] at 20pp baseline. Its fairly potent - consider that Aeon is toughness shifted, so he has an above average resistance to Toughness based attacks and adding this halves the rank of his greatest achillies heel, dodge-resisted attacks. That's much more in line with a 20pp Immunity than a 10pp immunity.

Trying to get Immunity, even partial, to your character's only weakness isn't going to make the game more fun.


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