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Agent name help - Rum Runners

Agent name help - Rum Runners

Im not a drinker but I've had it in my head for sometime that I was going to introduce a smuggling organization called 'the rum runners' into the game/house setting.

Anywho, prior to membership people are observed and alchohol/cocktail codenames are given that would correspond to the individual.

ex: The desert salt dwarf of the party would be given the codename 'Margarita' because he is salty but cool head if a bit coarse and gritty.

I need some initial 5-10 seed agent suggestions.

Basically break it down to Codename 'x' then describe how that drinks flavors/characteristics correlate to the person.

Note - even more modern cocktails are available as the agent name chooser is a relic from the old world and has modern knowledge on drinks and potential ingredients.

Thanks for your time. - Loth

Be prepared for comparisons to the Statesmen.

Manhattan: A sophisticated urbanite.

Moonshine: A good ol' boy. Possibly a driver. Definitely a redneck.

Leo -

Yeah, statesman if they were a fantasy organization but instead of being super spies they mostly just smuggled shit. *chuckle*

It'll probably feel more like a heist film though considering what will be occurring in the story. ^_^

Screwdriver - Simple and to the point. no frills here. OJ and Vodka is like mixing muscle with battleaxe. Maybe this is the orc fighter.

Tequila Sunrise - Probably a female with some brightly colored hair, or a flashy smile. High charisma, very charming.

Gin & Tonic - Two people actually. two rogues, or a set of twins. They work perfectly together.

Thanks Icculus, i'll definetly run with the twin operatives idea. If I play up on screwdriver i might also make him a gear head warrior just to play it up a little.

GrzgorzGD - "punch even stronger than look" I read that in a russian accent so that's totally going into the idea. xD


Long island iced tea will probably be taken by the goliath skald in the party.

Boilermaker - This dwarf mechanic looks soft and friendly enough on the outside, but he's got a whiskey hard core and when the going gets tough he buckles down to the task at hand.

Bloody Mary - This human assassin enjoys leaving a mess and striking fear into the hearts of the survivors, those who she was not paid to kill.

White Russian - See her dancing through the snow? Oh. You don't? Well, don't worry, not many can. She's a smooth operator that one, and she's surprised many in the past. Then again, some were just surprised to wake up, never having remembered falling asleep in the first place.

Scotch Neat - A kilt-wearing highlands barbarian known for his punctuality and precision on the job.

Cape Codpiece- Hits hard like Vodka and the streets run red like cranberry juice when he is on the job.

Rock and Wry- Another twin entry, Rock has fun and jokes a lot, Wry is a jaded soul.


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