Character Creation Guidelines

You characters are modern humans. There are no restricted occupations, although this is a low combat adventure. Psychics are allowed, with the usual warning that they tend to provide their piece of vital information with their last dying breath.

Character Name:

Character Concept:
(adjective + noun. So, “cynical skeptic,” flashy attention-seeker,” “well-meaning innocent,” etc.)

Physical Description:
(Everybody on UU gets a turn in front of the camera. What do the viewers see when it’s your turn?)

(Day job. UU doesn’t pay much.)

Character Background:
(What your teammates at UU know about your history.)

Role in Upstate Unnatural:
(Host, Camera Crew, Researcher, Psychic. Most people will fill more than one role.)

(What are you most afraid of?)

Risk Factor:
(You’ve been part of UU for several years now. You’ve slept in leaky tents, almost drowned in an abandoned mine, gotten lost in the forest several times, spent way too much money on gas and supplies, and get no respect from the coworkers at your day job.

(Why do you still do it? Both the game system and your mother want to know.)

Sources of Stability
(Those people and things that give your character a sense of safety, normality and sanity. For this one-shot adventure, choose two: a person and an activity. I.e. Your mum and drinking with friends, or your friends from college and playing Pokemon Go, etc.)


Most of this is color, but the last two have play implications. Risk Factor is your motivation. Playing to your character's motivation in dangerous circumstances can restore some of your character’s mental stability. Rejecting an opportunity to act on your character’s motivation may rattle your character and cost them mental stability.

Let’s say if your “risk factor” is that you really want to photograph a ghost to pwn the skeptics. If your character rushes into a dangerous setting to get a good photograph, they may regain stability. Refusing to go into the haunted photo op may cost stability.

The Sources of Stability also represent ways to regain stability. If you have some time to spend in a safe place, interacting with a Source may regain stability. So, once you get to the safe room, call your mum.

Every character automatically gets a third source: shooting a UU segment. Taking a moment to make some solid content will settle everybody's nerves. Just don't read the comments.


You may think about what skills you want your character to have, but do not bother creating them yet. Wait until we’ve got a set party before starting that. It’s usually best to collaborate and make sure the party has all the bases covered.

To submit a character, fill out the above and post a new thread in this group. Title it: "Character Name" - "Character Concept". Once you've got the portion complete, reply to that thread with a note that the character submission is complete. I'll make suggestions or OK the character. At that point you can start discussing skills with other players or roleplaying the characters around the table in the IC thread.