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[COMPLETE] Erica Raelyn

[COMPLETE] Erica Raelyn

Base InfoName: Erica Raelyn
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Class: Chained Monk - Four Winds / Scaled Fist
Weapon of Choice: Herself (Unarmed)

Description: Erica has bright blue eyes, and pale red hair. She is shorter than most, measuring only five foot three inches. She barely weighs over a hundred pounds. Despite her small stature, she is rather well built, and proportioned.

PersonalityPersonality: Erica is a kind hearted, confident girl who grew up in a Monastery for troubled boys. As the only girl, she had to learn to defend herself from people bigger and tougher than her. She has a natural distrust towards men, though masks it well with a warm exterior attitude. Typically she tries to over compensate for her short comings, by being overly confident in everything she does. As a result she exudes an aura of confidence and inspiriation, sometimes leading to hubris. She is naive and has little knowledge of the workings of the city and its culture. She believes most things at face value, and wants to believe that most people are good inside, if you just give them the chance. Erica harbors a hatred toward nobles and the wealthy in general after her parents abandoned her and used most of her inheritance.

She comes into the city truely new to everything as the adventure kicks off, and immediately thinks that life in the city must be glamorous, expensive, and sought after. She doesn't know anything about intercity relationships, or the goverments workings. As she walks to the train station for the first time, she can see that life in the city is fast, chaotic, and volatile. The complete opposite of home. She likes the new found speed to everything, but something tugs at her mind to slow down.

Additionally, she comes off as flirty to most people because she enjoys the attention it brings. The only thing she is truly shy about is her dancing, which she will only do when asked.

Social BackgroundSocial Background: Erica has no knowledge of how the city works, or the true different between commoner and noble. She has a preconception that people with fancy clothes and obvious signs of money must be nobles, and that they arent to be trusted. She assumes commoners are like nobles who just have to go to work for their money, whereas nobles get money for free. She has only ever seen a handful of impoverished individuals, and doesn't understand why they dont just get jobs and make money to be like everyone else.


Availability: M-S 8AM to 7AM
LOL But no really, I work as a Sys Admin, so the full 9 hours i spend in my office, I have full access to MW. Aside from a few exceptions, I post multiple times daily, even on the weekends. I have no summer plans, or reasons to ditch out. So I'll be in for the long haul all day every!

A monastery on the edge of the great prairies of north, uh? I can get behind that. I like it when players add new stuff to the setting, provided it makes sense... And this does

Cool, I was worried for a bit on that. It just makes more sense than being raised by barbarians, and living in the city doesn't do much for the ways of a Monk...

Let me know if you see anything out of place!

I would like to know more about your personality. Like ok, what you wrote is giving me a general gist of it, but there's so much more it would be important for me to know: as mentioned multiple times, Erebonia is a country of numerous contradictions, with social turmoil and political struggles undermining its peace every day... So I would like to know where you stand in regards to those: heck even if you don't stand on a side as a result of growing up in a monastery away from society (meaning, all the stuff about society and politics is completely new to you), I think that's still something worth exploring. Like, perhaps you'd be prone to doing stuff like punching a noble in the face because his high and mighty attitude pissed you off, not knowing anything about his status? Or perhaps you don't like how confusing and chaotic the new industrial society is becoming, meaning that it's actually commoners who get on your nerves? Perhaps it' a mix of both? Perhaps it's something else entirely? This is the kind of stuff I would like to read about.
Also, I don't like the "invitation randomly came in one day", I would like for you to have an actual reason for wanting to be at Thors.

Outside of these bits the app seems good. Baically what I'm saying is that the stuff that already is here is good... But now I would like you to add some more stuff.

Okay see... I went the safer route, and went lite on the bio stuff... which is the opposite of how i normally make a character...

Give me the afternoon, I'll give you the long version of everything... but you did ask for it...

@Catherine Cook - Background is updated for your reading. I haven't proof read it yet, so forgive the errors.

Edit: Personality is up too, with an update to the social background.

Well that was a fun read. As mentioned elsewhere, I'm leaving any considerations on the crunch/mechanics of the character to after I've made my selection... But fluff-wise, this is really good, nice work


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