Circumstances that will bring the party together

Cassius Bright is a well-respected man in the kingdom of Liberl: a former top-level officer in the army, ten years ago he managed to avert a major crisis when the Erebonian Empire attempted to invade the country, and was hailed as a national hero as a result... But unfortunately, he couldn't save his wife Lena, who died tragically during that crisis. Wracked with sorrow, he decided to quit the army, and now works as a bracer, dedicating his life to helping the citizens of the peaceful town of Rolent, in the eastern side of the country.
Cassius has a daughter, born from Lena before she died: he tries his hardest to be a doting father to her, but rising a child by yourself is not easy. Their family expands when one night, as he returns from a mission as a bracer, Cassius brings home a mysterious orphaned boy, and proclaims that he's going to adopt him: the boy doesn't seem to remember much about his own past, and while the girl is wary and suspicious of him at first, they eventually learn to get along as siblings.

Now ten years have passed, and Cassius is considering retirement from his job as a bracer: his kids, now in their teens, decide to embark on a journey to become bracers themselves. You are those kids: your adventures in the kingdom of Liberl are only beginning.