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Smokescreen Alchemist Optimization

Smokescreen Alchemist Optimization

I saw an Alchemist build on the paizo forums that makes use of the Goz Mask(see througth all fog, 8000 gp.) and the Smoke bomb discovery to murder people.

1: Drop a Smoke bomb on people.
2: Walk in, gaining total concealement and seeing everything as normal.
3: Murder, i tell ye, MURDER!!!

I got interested in the idea and decided to build a harras build. Beastmorph for that sweet, sweet trip on my Feral Mutagen and fly, and i'm considering using the other bombs of the smoke bomb family, like Plague Bomb and Stink Bomb.

Here is my plan for levels 1-20


1: Weapon Finesse
3: Extra Discovery (Frost Bomb)
5: Extra Discovery (Precice Bombs)
7: Extra Discovery (Stink Bomb)
9: Extra Discovery (Preserve organs)
11: Feat
13: Feat
15: Feat
17: Feat
19: Feat


2: Tanglefoot Bomb
3: Feat - Frost Bomb
4: Smoke Bomb
5: Feat - Precice Bombs
6: Feral Mutagen
7: Feat - Stink Bomb
8: Fast Bombs
9: Feat - Preserve organs
10: Mummification
12: Greater Mutagen
14: Tumor Familiar
16: Extend Potion
18: Grand mutagen
20: Eternal Youth, Wings, Permanent Potion

The one thing i can say is that my character is kind of all over the place. I'm still sorting out the details, but if anyone has any suggestions, plase tell me.

I see two different builds for smoke bombs: The concealed bomber or the hidden melee monster

Smoke bombs have a 10 foot splash radius and last 1 round per level. It allows for 5 feet of visibility. At 5 feet range, there is only a 20% miss chance for melee. At 10 feet or more, the target gains total concealment.

Concealed Bomber Approach: Drop the smoke bomb in your square, and then use range attacks with total concealment.

Melee monster Approach: Mutagen is used before the battle begins. 1st Standard action: throw smoke bomb. Then the alchemist moves into melee range. The alchemist has reach or a reach weapon to stay out of sight.

Enemies will try to move out of the cloud, and normally they will not have any issues moving out of it. I could also see the alchemist having feats like combat reflexes, and improved trip. A successful trip AoO will keep the enemy in the cloud. Being able to take an trip AoO against every enemy that moves will be very helpful with this approach. Other feats and discoveries that improve melee combat would be good for this build since the hidden melee alchemist wants the smoke cloud to out last the fight.

I also noticed that you do not have Point blank shot or precise shot. Unless character is traveling alone, precise shot is a must have for bombs.

Originally Posted by Rakle View Post
I also noticed that you do not have Point blank shot or precise shot. Unless character is traveling alone, precise shot is a must have for bombs.
Definitely +10 .
I never played an alchie without having him take those feats, that was even an incentive for this non human loving player to play a human, for once, so I could have both feats at character start.

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