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Version 2 creation rules

Version 2 creation rules

Remember, we're using this system, which is essentially Pathfinder, but with a couple of cool mods which will help us give this game a more explicitly JRPG-oriented feel. That said, here are the rules for creation.

Name and Surname: Estelle Bright, as per the premise of this campaign.

Race: Human, that's the only race in this setting.

Class: Any from the FFD20 system linked above is fine. Just so you know, you will spend 90% of the campaign with your NPC brother, Joshua, constantly under your control, and he's a Thief.

Level: We start at level 1.

Base Stats: 25 points buy. As a side note, I tend to see stats as mere mechanics, rather than strict definitions of what your character is: as such, I won't force you to be a complete idiot who talks like a savage just because you put an 8 in Int, just to make an example. With that being said, I'm giving you such a high point buy for a reason: rather than min-maxing, try and have well-rounded stats.

Traits: FFD20 doesn't have these, but I'm ok with enriching your app by taking 2 (3 if you take a drawback) of this from the standard PF sources. Please avoid regional/campaign-specific traits.

Weapon of Choice: please indicate one kind of weapon that will be your signature, your bread and butter, throughout the campaign. You will get one exemplar of your chosen weapon (a normal exemplar, it won't be magical nor masterwork) as a starter weapon, without having to spend money from your initial budget to purchase it. For gunslingers, please be aware that we're using the commonplace guns rules. Remember, in the game Estelle's weapon of choice is a staff, but you're not forced to stick to that, your WoC can be anything you want. Just so you know, Joshua dual wields shortswords.

Appearance: You're not forced to use the appearance of the actual Estelle from the game, your character can look whatever you want. I would like to get a short description, but I will accept a pic if you prefer. This campaign is based on a JRPG, so expect "steampunk-esque anime" to be the dominant visual style around you: this being said, I'm not forcing you to conform to said style yourself, if you don't want to.

Personality: The most important aspect of the campaign will be your growth as individuals. You will have to interact with the world around you, form your own opinion and pick your stance on the most delicate social and political matters of the country, and make decisions that will dramatically affect the final outcome of the campaign. As such, the personality section of your app is going to be by far the most important one, for a simple reason: at first, you will be bright-eyed kids who know next to nothing about the world... Meaning that, when making all those critical decisions I just mentioned, your only guiding lights will be your experiences in the campaign up to that point, and your own unique outlook and mindset towards the world around you. Meaning, the Personality section of your app is essentially a game mechanic here.
As a side-note, I will expect your actions throughout the campaign to be driven by what you write here, NOT by your alignment. In fact, given the way the campaign will flow, I don't care about alignment at all: unfortunately, there are many spells, feats and class abilities that interact with alignment, so for the sake of those I'll need you to write something in the alignment section of your sheet... But again, that will be a minor aspect when evaluating your app: what I care about is what you write in the Personality section. Just to reiterate, you don't have to be faithful to the personality of the actual Estelle from the game, feel free to pursue whichever angle you prefer.

Backstory: you're playing a youngster at her first big adventure in life, AND the biggest aspect of your backstory is predetermined by the very nature of this campaign. As such, I don't honestly expect you to have much to write in this section. Still, any additional info you may provide to make your character stand out is of course welcomed and appreciated.

Optional systems that will be in effect in this campaign

If a system is not in this list, then it means that it is NOT in effect and I do NOT plan to use it, so please don't even ask.

Automatic Bonus Progression - Orbments and orbal energy are still a thing in this setting, so we're once again using these (yes, they do work just fine with FFD20).

Background Skills - Because who doesn't love these?

Commonplace Guns - Anyone can begin play with an Early Firearm as their starting weapon, is they list it as their Weapon of Choice. Gunslingers (and ONLY gunslingers, you do NOT get this special bonus if you pick another class' archetype that gives you grit) may begin play with an Advanced Firearm as their starting weapon, if they list it as their Weapon of Choice.

Hero Points - Once the game begins, I will explain in details how you can be awarded these.

Stamina - If you would get a bonus combat feat from your class, you can instead get Combat Stamina.

Lastly, know that I read carefully the documents provided by Paizo about Intrigue and about Social Conflicts: those will help a lot shape up many aspects of this campaign.

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