The prompt

Your name is Estelle Bright, and you live in the peaceful provincial city of Rolent, in the kingdom of Liberl. Your father, Cassius Bright, used to be a renowned war hero and key member of the country's army, but then, ten years before the beginning of this campaign, when you were only 6, Rolent was bombarded by the troops of the neighboring Erebonian Empire, and among the many victims there was your mother Lena. Cassius was so devastated by the loss that, after helping resolve the crisis and driving away the Erebonian troops, he quit the army, swore off lethal weapons (like swords or firearms), picked up the quarterstaff, and became a Bracer, only ever fighting to protect civilians: after seeing multiple wars, including one in which his own wife died, he was just that tired of bloodshed.

Six years ago, when you were 10, Cassius returned from a quest one night, and he brought home a mysterious raven-haired kid: his name was Joshua, and he himself couldn't remember much of his own past. Cassius announced his intention of adopting the kid, and even though things were a bit awkward at first, you eventually warmed up to him: now the three of you live together as the Bright family, and you've long stopped wondering too much about the whole situation. You're family, that's all there is to it.

The campaign begins on a very special day: having turned 16, you and Joshua are now getting your chance to be accepted as members of the Bracer Guild, following in your father's footsteps.