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Gameday VII: #5–08: The Confirmation (1-2)

Gameday VII: #5–08: The Confirmation (1-2)

Adventure Background

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–2.

Almost all Pathfinders undergo extensive training for three or more years to learn the tricks of the trade, and their last test before graduating from the ranks of the initiates to the status of a full Pathfinder agent is the Confirmation, a special research project that involves considerable fieldwork and is designed to simulate the initiates' future work as a Pathfinder. Even the noteworthy field commissioned agents sometimes participate in such trials as a way to familiarize themselves with the Pathfinder Society’s rules and expectations. Although Confirmation is typically an individual affair, the society recently discovered a site on the Isle of Kortos that would be perfect for initiates but perhaps too dangerous to handle alone. Successfully uncovering this site’s secrets will not only contribute to the society’s body of knowledge but shape the exciting careers ahead for each of the prospective agents.

Written by Kyle Baird.

Muster Information
GM Play Style

This is a scenario for level one to two characters.

Player Expectations
I'd like people to include their stat block at the end of their post, along with any active buffs they have up.

If you want to take 10 just let me know before you take 10.

This will run as part of the 2nd half of Gameday 7, so kick off in one week's time.

All players are expected to abide by the house rules and GM expectations specified here, as well as the Site Rules and the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play
Mustered Pathfinders.

The only level 1 PC I have available at the moment already played it. If you get interest but need an extra player to make the table happen, I can create something or play a pregen.

Yes, many GMs out there have acquired race boons and have started new characters. Do you have one such boon you need to activate? This game is listed under Gameday VII so I plan to run it rather quickly in order to report sooner than later... also the players/GM get to roll for a boon.

When I finish my current game and get the ganzi boon I will. My second leshy is already in a game that probably isn't half way completed yet.

I have a character that can play. I'm a little short on time, writing a thesis at the moment, so I would rather not have to fill out a new character sheet. If I can link to my Paizo character sheet I would love to join. If that is a problem I understand.

No problem at all - link away and provide the following info:

1. Character Name
2. Race/Class/Level
3. PFS Number for that particular PC
4. A link to the PC's character sheet on the Paizo boards

I have a CORE character that got flagged non-core. Rather than trying to get him fixed, I'm thinking about just converting him to standard. I have never played on Mythweavers and it may take me a while to get the sheet and stuff setup. I have played Confirmation with another character.

1. Celewen
2. Halfling/Cleric/1
3. 53482-7
4. (I cannot post full link because forum does not trust me yet)

If you do not fill up in time, I'd like to join.

pro-tip: you can copy paste your Paizo stats directly in the myth weavers stat block window and hit save. Myth Weavers uses the same codes...


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