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Character Creation Guidlines

I'm jumping at the opportunity for a Dark Sun game, I've been looking for one for ages. I'd usually go for a Half Giant, but I'm liking the look of a Thri-Kreen for this game, maybe a psion, or maybe a Mul.

@ spaceace - only good arcane caster is a dead one! Still reviled, this is set just after the Crimson Legion Book and before the Tyr heroes fight Raajat and the dragon.

@Tailspinner - okay! What any archetypes or direction are you looking at? Scout, assassin, trap-finding bird-man?

EDIT- Ugh, was in transit when I replied the first time. Cleaned this reply up a little.

So Archetypes are allowed for classes or just the base classes?

And should we get to that point, prestige classes?

Archetypes are allowed for all classes, but I will ask you to review them for appropriateness of the setting. Mainly this ties in with arcane magic issues and cleric domains.

If we continue and get to prestige classes we would probably use a port of the Prestige classes for D&D 3.5.

As Elan is not an allowed race, is there anyway Pattern Wielder Archetype of Cryptic could be allowed?

I could see the Pattern Wielder being used for either the Nomad Elves or the Thri-Kreen, each race has history of tattooing in Dark Sun.

NOte of course that Elves hate and fear thri-kreen; and thri-kreen find the smell of a fearful elf to drive them into a frenzy of hunger.

Interesting, Exploiter Wizard would be appropriate with some rewriting to include effects from Defiling. There are specific rules (from previous editions) that discuss drawing power and holding it in and what happens to the wizard while they are holding the magical energy.

Here is my take on the Exploiter Wizard; only added the Preserving/Defiling aspects, relation to Raze feats, and the risk of rising as a very specific Undead (The Ashen).

I see no major issue with Sword Binder; except to note for the setting that the Sword would need to be obsidian, or or if metal or bone have a perfect obsidian orb worked into the pommel. Most of the arcane bond items probably should also be obsidian or wood from Magical Trees (terrible name, but these are specific trees from Terrors of the Dead Lands).

All, I will be traveling over the weekend of the 2nd. I return that Sunday night, so final character's due on the 4th! If you need a new reason to procrastinate. Starting asap afterward.


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