Character Creation Rules

When you are ready to start building your application, make a new thread for your character in this Applications folder. Please include WIP at the top of the first post so I know it's still in progress, and COMPLETE when you're done.

Note: Each player in the game will be getting a private thread for their character. So feel free to make (almost) anything you want about your character private. This is by no means meant to be the tone of the game - feel free to make your entire character public if you wish. But the only information that needs to be public on the application is Name, Race, and Class.


In your application, include:
- Name
- Race (Note! See Racial Considerations below before choosing a race!)
- Class
- Appearance (can include a pic but doesn't have to be)
- Personality
- Backstory - this is the most important fluffy part. Credit is given for applicability to the setting information as it appears throughout the application process within the Lore sub-forum. Credit is also given for background links to other player characters. Less credit is given for canned or overly generic backstories. Tell me why your character does what (s)he does. Where did (s)he come from? Does (s)he have friends, enemies, lovers, associations with groups/organizations? What are his/her motivations?
- RP Sample: What I'm looking for here is a small situation involving your character that gives me a little insight into the character's behavior/personality. My goal is to get an idea of your RP style and knowledge of how your character thinks.
- Link to Character Sheet

Character Sheet
  • Level: 1 (young adult)
  • Do your dice rolling in the thread you create for your application.
  • Abilities: Roll 6m4d6r1v1z three times (any order) and pick your favorite OR 32 point-buy (choose before rolling).
  • HP: Max at Level 1
  • Wealth: Avg or roll (choose first, and commit to one)
  • Alignment: Any non-evil
  • I'm a big fan of party unity. So while I hate to limit player choices, I will not admit a party with obvious animosity built-in (like a character whose family was killed by orcs and another player who is half-orc). If it comes to this, I will consult both players to see how flexible they are, and then decide who to accept, whether it be both (if concession(s) are made), or one, or the other, or neither.
  • Flaws: You may pick one flaw, as per DM approval, in exchange for one extra feat for which your character must meet all prerequisites. Flaws that are somehow canceled out by a class feature or by virtue of high saving throws/ability scores will be turned down. It has to actually BE a FLAW. (But not necessarily a severely crippling/deadly flaw).
  • Sources: Core, SRD (except for gestalt), Complete Adventurer, Complete Arcane, Complete Divine, Complete Warrior, PHBII.
  • Diety Pantheon: Standard PHB Pantheon

Racial Considerations

My homebrew setting revolves around a nation that is largely human-centric, so other characters would definitely stand out (think of the setting as the country of Gondor. While other races are known and generally accepted, there's always an undercurrent of wariness among the less enlightened masses). But that said, I hate to limit people's creativity. If it's exceptionally thought out, well integrated with the setting, and ripe with RP potential, I may not be able to resist!

  • In the Lore section, I have outlined the general character of the three nations of Kalera, the known world (at least to your characters at the beginning of play).
  • Play starts in and around the nation of Vandora. This, by no means, mandates your character has no experience in the other two nations (from there, or traveled there, etc.)
  • Details of the other two countries and other aspects of Vandora are blank slates for you to feel free to form the lore as part of the background of your character. I will add these details to the Lore section as I accept them as part of my world.
  • Please feel free to suggest lore additions that are not part of your character's background as well, if the mood strikes you.

Recruitment Roleplay (RRP)

When your app is approved complete, a mini "Recruitment Roleplay" session will be available for you to show me how well
- you write
- you show who your character really is
- you interact with others

Note: This RRP session is not mandatory. If you choose not to participate or you complete your app without any time to participate, I will use the RP Sample you submitted with your app to get an idea of your style.