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Character Creation

Character Creation

Level: 1
Race: PHB
Class: See "ADVENTURER POST" Below
Alignment: Any

Ability Scores
Roll 1d10+8 | 6 Times
If you have three 9's you may reroll ONCE.
If you're still unhappy with your results use a 29 pt buy.

Hit Dice
Max HP Every level

Allowed Sources
Monster Manual
Xanathar's Guide To Everything
Mordenkainen's Tome Of Foes
Sword Coast Adventure's Guide (SCAG)

Advanced Rules

Skill Proficiency: Your Intelligence score allows you bonus skill proficiency choices. Having a low Intelligence with a penalty does not lower your skill proficiency choices from your Class & Background.

Intelligence 12-15 | 1 Trained Skill
Intelligence 16-17 | 2 Trained Skills
Intelligence 18-19 | 3 Trained Skills
Intelligence 20 | 4 Trained Skills

When your character levels they need to train. Consult the following google document on how that training works.
Training Document

Every 5th Level (5,10,15,20) you may take a Feat out of any of the approved sources. This feat is free in addition to any other class benefits for reaching these levels.

Shattering Armor
You can sacrifice your armor when hit by an attack to reduce the damage taken by 3d4 for light armor, 3d8 for medium armor, and 3d12 for heavy armor—it falls apart irreparably in the process. You can decide this after damage is dealt.

If you take a hit that reduces you to 0 or below. Your armor will shatter

Magical armor has it's damage increased by 1 dice for it's enchantment bonus (+1/+2/+3).

Repairing Shattered armor cost 50% of total Armor's Cost.

Your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc Character
You may retire a character at any point. Or when your character dies you simply make a new one to join another adventure. New Characters will begin at the level of their last retired or dead character, but at base XP for that level. So if John The Barbarian died at 475 xp (2nd level). John's new character would be level 2 (300 xp).

All other character creation rules are as follows.

Starting Equipment
You get your class starting gear.
Your background starting gear.

1 Ration box: Stores up to five basic rations. (you start with this full)
1 Waterskin: Holds enough liquid for five drinks. (you start with this full)
1 Purse: Holds up to 100 coins. (you start with this empty)

Character Profile
Include your basic information and statblock. Make the layout anyway you'd like it. As far as Appearance, Personality and Backstory go. I don't need a lot here. Just a little. Put whatever you want to have that makes the character feel original and unique to you.

Feel free to use other character concepts from previous games, I also wont mind.

Please note however that this is an Anime style D&D game. So I require you to have an anime like picture for your character application. A picture is highly suggested in addition to a written appearance section on the sheet. However after some debate, I've decided that if you really don't want to use a character picture then you don't have to. HOWEVER I will expect you to have a well written appearance/description section on your sheet to reflect the lack of imagery.

Create a new thread in the application folder for your character.

Character TemplateYou can use this character Template if you'd like.

This game is using a rather Unique Class setup. Everyone begins with the Adventurer Class. PDF Supplement file below. Once you hit Level 4, you AUTO-LEVEL into Level 1 of a PHB Class.

Once you choose that PHB Class you're locked in. So you could get a total of a level 30 character, provided you survive. A level 10 Adventurer and level 20 PHB Class. Rules on that to come shortly.

Once you hit level 6, you can choose to level either your chosen PHB class or your Adventurer Class. I've made some changes to it. So please see the Revisions below. When in doubt, feel free to ask 1 of the GM's.

Class Revisions
Skills: Choose Any 2 Skills. (NOT 3)

Adventurer Archetype: You get this at level 2 (the pdf is conflicting in this area.)

Ranger Archetype: Ruthless Environmentalist has nothing listed in the pdf. So use this instead.
  • Ruthless Environmentalist: Choose 1 of 4 environments. While fighting enemies in that environment you have a +2 bonus to damage rolls. Furthermore you have advantage on Perception checks to spot hidden enemies in said environment.
  • Rural: Forests, Jungles, Woods, Plains, etc.
  • Urban: Cities, Towns, Allies, Dockyards, etc.
  • Underground: Caves, Dungeons, Underdark, etc.
  • Higher Elevation: Mountains, large hills, rocky plateaus, tundrahs, etc.

Archer Archetype: You fire 4 arrows with one shot. All arrows must hit the same creature or target.
  • You can use volley on any attack you make.
  • Dexterity Save is 8 + Dexterity Mod + Prof Bonus
  • Damage is 4d8+Dex Mod

Weapon Mastery: You get this at level 1 (the pdf is conflicting in this area.)

Epic Destiny: You will ignore this, it does not pertain to this game. You can find it on the very last page of the pdf. But for the purposes of this Campaign. It does not exist.

Equipment: Padded Armor or No Armor, your Weapon Mastery Weapon, 20 Arrows/bolts or 4 javelins/handaxes/daggers, 1 healing Potion, 1 Backpack, 50 ft hemp rope, Porcelain Adventure's Guild Tag & 1 week's stay at Guild Hall Common Room.

Alternatively you can forgo your weapons, armor, arrows, and healing potions and choose to start with one Level-1 Grimoire, Backpack, 50 ft hemp rope, Porcelain Adventurer's Guild Tag & 1 week's stay at Guild Hall Common room.

Unarmed Combat Weapon Mastery: If you choose Unarmed Weapon Mastery, you can pick any 1 simple weapon.

Shield Rules
Light Shield: +1 AC when donned, 1d4 damage when wielded [8 gp]
Heavy Shield:+2 AC when donned, 1d6 damage when wielded [10 gp]

Selling Starting Gear: You can sell starting gear back for 25% Base Value.

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