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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

DisclaimerWe will not be using the Encumbrance rules found in the PHB. Nor will we be using the Variant rules. Below are the Inventory/Carrying Capacity rules we will be using.

Inventory Capacity
To calculate your character's inventory capacity, first check your character size—the bigger you are, the more space you have about your person to carry items.

Character Size [Slots]
Tiny: [9]
Small: [15]
Medium: [18]
Large: [21]
Huge: [27]
Gargantuan: [39]

Strength Modifier
Next, check your character's strength—the stronger you are, the more items you can carry. You gain a number of item slots equal to your STR modifier. John's Barbarian has a 16 Strength and is Medium sized, so he has 21 Inventory Spaces.

Finally, check the type of armor your character is wearing. Armor is bulky and restricting—the bigger it is, the less inventory space you have spare for other items.

None: --
Light: -3 Slots
Medium: -6 Slots
Heavy: -9 Slots

Armor Expertise: Wearing armor means that you can't carry as much, but there is a trade-off—you become more resistant to harm. If you are wearing medium or heavy armor—and you are appropriately proficient—you gain the following perk.
  • Medium Armor: Reduce any bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage that you take from non-magical weapons by 2, to a minimum of 0.
  • Heavy Armor: Reduce any bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage that you take from non-magical weapons by 4, to a minimum of 0.

This perk does STACKwith any additional armor feats or bonuses you might gain—if you have multiple sources of damage reduction, use the total value. Example: With Heavy Armor Mastery Feat and wearing heavy armor, you would have 7 points of damage reduction to non magical weapons.

Worn Items
Worn items—gloves, boots, bracers, etc—don't occupy any inventory space until unequipped and put back in storage.

Equipped Weapons
If wielding a one handed weapon, it doesn't take up inventory slots. But if you sheathe it away or put it over your back (sword, or bow). Then it takes up 2 item spaces.

Wielding 2 handed weapons like quarterstaffs, glaives, pikes, etc. Take up 3 inventory slots. When not held in your hands or equipped.

A Backpack takes up 2 Inventory Slots. But can hold 4 Inventory Slots. Only 1 backpack can be equipped at a time.

Food, Gold & Coins
In addition to item slots, your character can freely carry one ration box, one waterskin, and one purse. These don't occupy any slots and can store a small amount of basic supplies—food, water, and money. While these extra containers don't occupy any item slots, they can still be affected by NPCs and monsters— stolen, damaged, destroyed, etc—so beware.

Ration box: Stores up to five basic rations.
Waterskin: Holds enough liquid for five drinks.
Purse: Holds up to 100 coins.

Additional Ration Boxes, Waterskins and Purses take up Inventory slots. But every player gets ONE of the above in addition to their Inventory Spaces

If you find yourself carrying more than your inventory capacity allows, you are encumbered. While encumbered:
  • You have disadvantage on all rolls.
  • Your speed is halved.
  • You gain hunger, thirst, and fatigue at twice the rate.

Magical Containers
Some containers have magical—or otherwise enhanced—properties that change their capacity or durability:
  • Bag of Holding: This magical creation works much like a normal bag, but can hold many more items. Equipping a Bag of Holding gains you +6 item slots.
  • Handy Haversack: This magical bag acts like an improved Bag of Holding. Equipping a Handy Haversack gains you +12 item slots.
  • Portable Hole: This magical object can be carried as a small item, occupying 1 item slot. When folded out, a Portable Hole acts as a separate bag with 18 slots.

A character can only equip one Bag of Holding or Handy Haversack at a time, and—while equipped with one—cannot store a Portable Hole in their expanded inventory without destroying both items (DMG p185).

Item Sizes
Item size is measured in slots, telling you just how much space an item requires in your inventory. Items generally fall into one of four sizes: tiny, small, medium, and large.

Item Sizes: Size Description [Slots]
  • Tiny: Very small (smaller than a hand); Can hold many in one hand. [0.2]
  • Small: Short length (up to a handspan / 9 inches); Held comfortably with one hand. [1]
  • Medium: Medium length (up to an arms-length /2ft); Held with one hand. [2]
  • Large: Long length (longer than an arm); Requires one or two hands to hold. [3]

Stacking Items
You can store up to 5 tiny items or 100 coins in a single item slot. Gemstones also count as tiny items—you may stash 5 gems in one slot.

Extra-Large Items
Some items may be extra-large—a big water barrel, a giant's sword, a stone boulder. When deciding the size of these items, use multiples of 3 slots—6, 9, 12, etc.

Vehicles—mules, carts, ships, trains—store items in the same way as characters: using item slots. Vehicles generally come in four sizes—anything larger is assumed to have as many slots as it needs.

Size: Examples [Slots]
  • Small: Mule, Horse, Donkey, Wheelbarrow [18]
  • Medium: Cart (2 wheels), Chariot [32]
  • Large: Wagon (4 wheels), Carriage, Boat [64]
  • Huge: Ship [128]

A vehicle's storage capacity may be divided into separate compartments. A mule, for example, may carry two 9-slot bags, while a cart has a single 32-slot space.

Chest, Crates & Barrels
Some items can only safely be transported in bulk within storage containers—chests, crates, and barrels. These storage containers hold a number of item slots equal to their size. For example:
  • A small chest fills 1 slot and holds 1 item slot.
  • A large crate fills 3 slots and holds 3 item slots.
  • An xx-large barrel fills 9 slots and holds 9 item slots.


Below is the Inventory rules regarding how much spaces ammunition takes up.

Arrows/Bolts (Single): 4 per 1 Inventory slot.
Dagger/Handaxe: 2 per 1 Inventory slot.
Darts: 3 per 1 Inventory slot.
Sling Bullet/Pebble: 10 per Inventory slot.
Javelin: 2 Inventory slots.
Spear: 3 Inventory slots.
Quiver/Bolt Case (Holds 20 Arrows) | Container: 1 Inventory Slot.
Bullet Pouch (Holds 20 Sling bullets/pebbles) | Container: 0.5 Inventory Slot.
Bandolier (Holds 4 Daggers/Handaxes or 10 Darts) | Container: 1 Inventory Slot.

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