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Grimoire | Magic Spell Book

Grimoire | Magic Spell Book

How To Use
Grimoires are spellbooks created through the use of the Mystery and Magic. It allows the reader to learn a magic simply by reading it. It can only be used once, and will become empty after it is read. An Empty Grimoire can serve as a Blank book with only 5 pages.

Once Attuned to the Grimoire, the magic properties of the book are gone and you now know that spell. Grimoires past spell level 4 don't exist. A Grimoire does not count as 1 of your Attuned Magic Items Limit.

Certain Grimoire's require a higher Character Level to learn. You can only have 1 Grimoire learned per Character Level. So A level 4 Adventurer can't learn 5 Grimoires. You can choose to replace a learned Grimoire by another.

Grimoire Types
Level 1 Spell: Minimum Level 1.
Level 2 Spells: Minimum Level 3.
Level 3 Spells: Minimum Level 6
Level 4 Spells: Minimum Level 8.

Level 1 Spell: 50 gp
Level 2 Spells: 100 gp
Level 3 Spells: 150 gp
Level 4 Spells: 200 gp

Game Mechanics
Using a Grimoire gives access to the spell as if you were a Caster of that Class. You can use the Grimoire a number of times a day: 4 level 1, 3 level 2, 2 level 3, and 1 level 4. It functions just like casting the spell out of the PHB.

Anybody can use a Grimoire and cast it no matter what armor they're wearing. Material Components are still needed, unless you have a Component pouch or Arcane Focus.

Ritual Spells and casting time spells that cost more then 1 action can't be turned into Grimoires. Grimoires are simple quick fire magic that anyone can learn. Provided they can read and study the book (Have a minimum of 13 in the Spellcasting Ability Score).

Where Can You Find Them?
You can find Grimoires as random item drops and treasure on quests. Particularly on witches, shamans an enemy spellcasters.

You can buy Arcane Grimoires from the Guild Hall.

You can buy Divine Grimoires from the Cathedral.

Higher Level Spell Slots
If you want to buy a Grimoire that uses a higher spell level slot then the spell listed in the PHB. For example if you wanted Cure Wounds, a level 1 spell slot. But wanted it at say level 2, you would have to pay for the cost of both a level 1 Grimoire and level 2 Grimoire.

Max level is still a 4th level spell slot. If you already have the spell at 2nd level and want to upgrade to a 3rd level spell slot, you're still gonna have to pay full price for a new Grimoire and learn it. But it will not add another spell to your Grimoire Spell List Limit. Instead it will replace your lower level spell of the same name.

Special Note
Until you hit level 4 and Auto-Level into a PHB class. Grimoires are your only real access to learning magic and using it. Once you become a spellcaster, if you choose to do so. You can still keep and use the Grimoire's you've learned and studied.

Grimoire's are separate magical abilities from spells. Grimoires do not count against your Spells Known List. Grimoires do not count as your Spells Per Day.

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