Character Creation Guidelines

Make this nicer-looking at some point.

Starting Level: 5 Gestalt
Attributes: 25 Point-buy
Classes: All first-party Paizo classes, the classes from The Final Fantasy d20 system. Freelancer is banned. Mime is banned.
Races: Core and Featured Pathfinder, as well as Core and Base Final Fantasy d20. If there's a race on both (Dwarf for example), you can use either. Should there be any discrepancy, just list which source you got it from. Other races may be made available upon request. No drow.
Banned Sources: Spheres, Path of War, Akashic. NOTE: These might change later. If so, everyone would get a free rebuild of their character to make changes as need-be.
HP: Max
Starting Wealth: 10,500
Traits: The usual, take a pair.

Starting Items: For non-weapon items, assume the starting technology level is Steampunk. The FFd20 SRD has modern items like smartphones listed. If it is something that modern, assume you can't start with it. If in doubt, ask.

Important Note: There will be no buying Materia for items. Those items will be dungeon/raid/world boss drops. You can buy normal Pathfinder magic items. Mundane items from FFd20 are 33% off, since they are inordinately expensive.

MP, SP, and Vancian Casting: If you choose two classes with Stamina Point pools, use whichever pool gives the larger amount of points (if there is any difference). Abilities from both sides draw from this same pool. If you choose two classes with Magic Point pools, use the class with the larger pool, and abilities from both spell lists draw from the same pool of spell points.

For a Vancian casting class, convert your spell slots to an MP pool. You have a number of points equal to the total level of spell slots your class would naturally have before ability score modifiers. For example, a 5th level wizard has one 3rd, two 2nd, and three first. This would be 3+4+3 magic points for a total of 10, plus any bonus from a high Intelligence. Spells cost a number of spell points equal to the level of the spell, as per the FFd20 rules. Magic points gained like this otherwise function the exact same as the FFd20 system, including the rate they are regained. Vancian casting classes also gain the following feature:

At 10th level, a {caster} can regain his MP quicker. The {caster} must be relaxed and must be free from overt distractions, such as combat raging nearby or other loud noises. The {caster} regains MP equaling his {casting modifier} modifier per hour."

Housekeeping: Background skills are on, Elephant in the Room, Commonplace Guns

Alignment: Honestly, just ignore it.

Languages: Use Pathfinder languages

Variant Multiclass: Is legal, but CANNOT BE DONE ALONGSIDE TRADITIONAL MULTICLASS. One or the other.

What Your Need for Your Application: Backstory on the Player character. Doesn't need to be too detailed. The In-game UI will display your character name instead of your real name, so it's more important in a pinch to have that. A picture would be extremely helpful, but it won't be required (due to how difficult finding a picture of some of the FFd20 races might end up being). At least have a written description of your appearance.