WW Dragon Heist -OOC - Myth-Weavers


WW Dragon Heist -OOC

WW Dragon Heist -OOC

New OOC thread for the adventure in Water Deep. For low level characters. We will be progressing after completion to the Undermountain as well!

See? I knew we would play together eventually. I didn't know it would be that quick.

Two fighters, but some differences in tactics which should be fun to see in play.

We might not get 2-4 people this weekend, but hopefully we can beginning of the week. Lots of people just don't Weave on weekends

Yeah, Im gonna multi as Battlemaster Fighter/Ancestor Barbarian for all the stickyness. Flavor-wise I think shell be unique enough to not step on your toes - She was mummified to serve (Insert Big Bad Evil Guy) in the afterlife, but was recently reanimated and is still shaking off the undead look, hence full armor all the time.

Originally Posted by Wonderwill View Post
Lots of people just don't Weave on weekends
Especially this weekend. I'm in no rush. I just got selected for another new game.

As you two know already, I'm new to AL, though not to 5E nor Myth-Weavers. I've been doing a bit of reading, but any advice from veteran players is always welcome. I look forward to seeing how the advancement system and the Treasure Points work out on the long term.

And don't worry, @MissAttributed my toes are pretty much armor-covered. I'm planning to go full Battlemaster myself.

Great, we have 4 now. Ill keep it open if we get a fifth, but can get us started in the next day or two. Can't write the first post from work and need a few minutes at home to get it together.


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