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Character Creation Rules

Character Creation Rules

Application Rules
Create a private thread for your application in this folder.
I also suggest reading the
house rules and setting threads.
The first post of your application should contain the following in some form:

Name, Age, Gender, etc: All should be fairly obvious.
Appearance: A picture is sometimes useful for visualisation, but not required.
Personality: Since alignment doesn't exist, this section should be reasonably filled-out. Note that your characters will be formed into a team shortly after the game begins, so refusing to work in a team would not be conducive to the game.
Backstory: The game will be taking place in Arc City. For whatever reason, characters have applied to join the Silver Tournament and been accepted. Given the unusual nature of the Silver Tournament in that it allows (almost) all applicants, you have a pretty significant amount of leeway regarding the origin of your character; they can be anything from an experienced gladiator to someone who's never so much as stepped into an arena before. I'm also deliberately leaving a lot of room for inventing the details of other countries/significant people/etc (though obviously if two people with contradictory information both get into the game, some adjusting will be required.)
Links to all 3pp materials you've used. By feat/magic item/etc. If the supplements aren't available online, the name of the book will do.
And finally, a link to your character sheet.

Applications are due on the 6th of January.

Character Creation Rules
Abilities: 25 point buy.
Race: From a fluff perspective, all characters are Augmented. Mechanically, anything humanoid-shaped below about 20RP is fine. If you want to be something more alien, like a dragon, you must have an at-will way of becoming a human (such as the SoP Transformation feat), and from a fluff perspective you are a human that turns into the monster in question, not the other way around.
Level: 11th level gestalt.
Alignment: Nonexistent. That said, some plot points will require the PCs to be willing to fight against criminals outside of the Tournament - though since it's literally a government statute that you get paid for helping out in these kind of situations, this doesn't mean you have to be purely altruistic.
Hitpoints: Max at every level.
Feats: One feat every level.
Wealth: 108000gp worth of Augmented-class gear, which either belongs to you already or is being loaned to you by Arc Enterprises for the Silver Tournament (no mechanical difference). No more than 54000gp on any one item. Pre-crafting is not permitted - though if you are able to craft your own items, you have slightly more flexibility as far as making alterations to your items is concerned. Firearms are considered Emerging; advanced firearms cannot be possessed unless you have the Gunsmithing feat, and you get no discount from Gunsmithing when making advanced firearms. In terms of modern gear, you can have basically whatever makes sense for your character given the setting.
Traits: 2 traits, or 3 traits and a drawback.
Languages: Earth languages are available, as are the weirder, non-humanoid ones (Ignan, Sylvan, Draconic, Necril, etc). In the latter case, these languages cannot be understood by non-Augmented (and obviously even Augmented need to know the language.)
Available Materials: I'm going to try something slightly different this time. All Pathfinder material is allowed, Paizo and 3rd-party alike, so long as it obeys the following two rules:
  • It must be designed for normal Pathfinder play (so no Mythic stuff, for instance).
  • I must be able to look at it! This precludes most 3.5 material, since it can't be legally shared, though publicly-posted homebrew materials intended for 3.5 would theoretically be allowed. I also have a whole load of 3pp books (I have a bad habit of buying the things), so even if something isn't posted online I might happen to have it anyway.

Before you start rubbing your hands in glee and looking for the most broken 3pp supplements/homebrew out there, however - I'm doing this because I want you to be able to create characters with interesting mechanical abilities, both in and out of combat (GMing gets very boring if all the players just sit there going 'I attack. I attack.') This shouldn't be taken as a license to create the most hideously broken build you can think of, stretch a thin layer of fluff across it, and call it an application. Someone who does the latter is going to go in my little notepad file of 'applications to ignore.'

Character Creation Rules

Character Creation House Rules

This is a copy of the rules in this thread.

Gestalt: As per the 3.5 rules. Dual progression classes are allowed, but you cannot advance an individual class's spellcasting (or any other similar class feature) once on each side. (That is, you cannot do something like Wizard 4 // Druid 3 / Mystic Theurge 1 and claim you have 5 Wizard caster levels.)
3pp/Gestalt interactions: Certain 3pp classes require some adjudication as to how they function in gestalt. Note that these rules are different to the ones on the Spheres wiki.
Gestalt Psionics: If you take two classes that grant PP at the same level, then the PP pools of those two classes are permanently separate, and you can only manifest one class's power by spending PP from that class's pool. Any effects that grant PP that are not from either class are applied to one pool, chosen when you get the ability.
Gestalt Spherecasters: If you take two spherecasting classes at the same level, then you must progress two casting traditions at that level (one for each class, obviously). This otherwise follows the normal rules for multiple casting traditions - there is nothing to prevent your two traditions being identical in terms of drawbacks, boons and ability score. Any ability that grants you extra spheres, spell points, talents and so on applies only to one of the two traditions.
Gestalt Practitioners: In a similar manner to gestalt spherecasters, taking two practitioner classes at the same level means that you have two disjoint practitioner progressions - including a second martial tradition, if both classes grant a martial tradition at first level - and any individual action you take can only be augmented by talents from one progression. Whenever you take a practitioner class, you must choose which of the two progressions the talent(s) you gain at that level apply to - and which of the two progressions your (fractional) BAB applies to for the purpose of determining the effects of martial talents. (Actual attack rolls, no matter what talents they use, still use your full BAB.) For any level where you don't take any practitioner classes, the best BAB from the two classes you do take applies to both progressions. In the case of the prodigy, or any other class who gets benefits from simply possessing a given sphere or talent, they use your full selection of spheres to determine any relevant effects, regardless of where the sphere/talent comes from. Any ability that grants you extra spheres or talents applies to only one of the two progressions. If you have two martial traditions, you may never gain weapon or armour proficiencies (other than simple weapons and bucklers) from a class.
Fractional Base Bonuses: As per the usual rules, taking the better of each bonus from your two sides at each level as per normal for gestalt. Spherecaster caster levels are also progressed fractionally.
Feat Tax Rules: As per this article - not the revamped PDF - with the following exceptions:
- Improved Feint is no longer part of Deft Maneuvers.
- Improved Unarmed Strike and Improved Grapple are merged into one feat and renamed Improved Unarmed Combatant. Monks, and other characters with special unarmed strikes, do not gain Improved Unarmed Combatant; they retain the benefits of Improved Unarmed Strike (even though that feat no longer exists) and their normal unarmed strike abilities.
- Any feat that previously required Improved Trip/Disarm/Dirty Trick/Reposition/Steal now requires Deft Maneuvers, and any Int requirement for such a feat is replaced with a Dex requirement of the same value. Any ability that would let you qualify for combat feats with another ability score instead of Int, or treat your Int as a certain value, allows you to treat such feats as though they were still Int-based.
- Any feat that previously required Improved Bull Rush/Sunder/Drag/Overrun now requires Powerful Maneuvers.
If you get a removed feat (or one you already possess due to a merged group of feats) as a bonus feat, take Weapon Focus instead. If you already have one Weapon Focus, you can take any other combat feat you qualify for.
Other Feat Rules: If you have a natural attack, you qualify for feats and other abilities as if you had Improved Unarmed Strike (even though that feat no longer exists). If you have a special ability like grab or trip that allows you to make a combat maneuver after an attack without provoking, you qualify for feats and other abilities as if you had the appropriate Improved Grapple/Trip/etc feat (even though they no longer exist.)
Background Skills: As per the usual rules.
Getting Weird Ability Scores to AC: If you have an extra ability score applied to your AC, you only receive the full benefit of this effect if you wear no armour. If you wear armour that the class that granted you the extra AC also grants proficiency with, you may add the relevant ability bonus to AC up to a maximum of your level in that class. If you wear armour that the class that granted you the extra AC does not grant proficiency with, you get no benefit from that ability, even if you are proficient with the armour through other means. This overrides whatever rules exist in the various classes that grant the ability, but does not override any other limits in the ability (for instance, if you are a duelist, you still need to be wielding a weapon and no shield to get the benefits of canny defence.) This rule does not apply if you are actually changing what ability score you add to your AC in place of Dexterity.
Leadership: Leadership and its ilk are prohibited.
Multiple bloodlines, mysteries, etc: All rules of the form "The [insert class feature here]s must be the same type, even if that means that one of them must change." are removed.
Variant Multiclassing: As per the usual rules, though you still only lose your feats at levels 3, 7 and so on.

Group Applications
From an in-universe perspective, characters applied as individuals to the Silver Tournament (there was no option in the matter), but it's entirely possible that you are part of an existing pair or team. If - as players - you want to apply as a group, then you're welcome to do so, but be aware that I may accept some members of the group and not others.

If you do wish to apply as a group, then each of you should create a private thread for your application as normal, and then create a second private thread for group discussion/coordination.

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