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Character: Wargate Graff
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 11
Role: Heavy Cavalry Commander

Elevator Pitch: The youngest son of a noble family in Blueriver Province, Wargate Graff was promoted to the Emerald Guard after leading a charge that saved the Emperor and his household from capture or death during a chaotic border skirmish. He has since risen to second-in-command of the Guards Cavalry; he's a better soldier than his commander, but a worse politician. His courtship of Delia, a second cousin to the Emperor, has not helped matters as it has been regarded as presumptuous, or even "climbing." Nevertheless, there are still some who recognize that his combination of loyalty and ability make him the best choice to take on the hardest jobs.

Setting Information: The Emerald Empire's Blueriver Province, west of the Onyx Sea, is the source of most of the Empire's cavalry forces - and virtually all Imperial heavy cavalry. Blueriver heavy cavalry may not (quite) be the cavalry equivalent of Jawatan heavy infantry, but they're among the few who might plausibly claim such a status; accordingly, shock formations of Blueriver cavalry are deployed all around the Empire's borders, wherever those borders are perceived as being challenged.

with thanks to Philistine

Character: Zi Tao
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Monk (Way of the Kensei) 11
Role: Member of the Imperial Prince's Bodyguard; Leader of the Silent Wasps
Kensei Weapons: Longbow, Whip (Reflavored as Meteor Hammer), Quarterstaff, Trident

Elevator Pitch: Acolyte Tao is a 20-something human trained in the ways of the martial arts for the sole purpose of defending the Imperial Prince with their very lives. A former child slave, he found himself liberated many years ago by members of the Emerald Guard before being entrusted to the Church of Elishtar for proper upbringing.

After his heathen ways were washed from his soul, he was handpicked by one of the Emperor's advisors to train as a warrior monk, eventually to be charged with the protection of the Imperial Prince himself. Under the command of the Imperial Prince, Acolyte Tao heads a group of fellow warrior monks known as the Silent Wasps, all of whom were also raised in service of the Elishtar faith and later selected for similar positions of service to the Emerald Empire.

Acolyte Tao personally finds the Imperial Prince impudent and headstrong and regularly offers prayers to Elishtar on the Imperial Prince's behalf, asking for divine wisdom and guidance to grace his mind and affect his decisions.

Setting Information: The Jade Empire trafficks children from poor households, mostly those who come from families that are unable to settle their personal debts. These children are sold off as slaves if they're fortunate or sent to the jade mines if they are not (or worse). As such, their life expectancy isn't very long, and very few manage to rise above their station.

Character: Drusilia Cithreth
Race: Sea Elf
Class: Rogue (Swashbuckler)
Role: Redeemed (?) Pirate; Member of the Emerald Guard; Leader of the Emerald Navy

Elevator Pitch: Drusilia was born in the Coral Seas where once she became an adolescent, she decided to set out for an adventure. She headed to Silverstone, which was closest to her home. As she had never been outside of the ocean before, she was quite sheltered and didn't quite understand how society worked above water. For example, instead of using shells or jewels for payment, people used circular metal things.

Unfortunately, this naivete got her into trouble. During her first night, when she stayed at a tavern, she was convinced to join in on a party where drinks were paid for everyone there. She celebrated, unaware that the benefactor of said party at the tavern had malicious thoughts in mind. Once she was thoroughly drunk, she passed out. The next morning, she found that she had been shanghaied by the Pirates of the Gargoyle.

The ship, Gargoyle, is said to be one of the fastest ships, stolen from the Emerald Empire, renamed by the current Captain. Drusilia could have easily jumped off the ship and swim to escape, but the Pirates seemed to be aware of that, because they had threatened to kill her if she gave even the slightest indication that she was doing so. So, she was stuck working for the Pirates of the Gargoyle, and eventually, she was recognized as a pirate herself. As she grew and became like them, she never forgot her origins and her grudge towards them.

They went on countless adventures, and Drusilia learned much of the world and the ways of being a pirate and charlatan. Drusilia was soon trusted enough to keep some treasures from their adventures. Eventually, the Dragonborn Pirate Captain decided to get the brilliant idea of kidnapping the Imperial Prince and holding him hostage for ransom.

The kidnapping was successful, but there was one thing the Captain did not see coming: Drusilia. She saw this as an opportunity to escape this life and achieve vengeance on the Captain who shanghaied her long ago. She was placed in charge of watching the hostage, and when the two of them are alone, she spoke with him. At first she tried small talk, then she told him the history of this ship, and then she made the deal with him. If she helped him out of this, got rid of the Captain, and returned this ship to them, then he had to help ensure that she is aptly rewarded and not to be punished. If this promise would follow through then she would be a loyal companion and be of most help.

The prince agreed, and Drusilia got to work. During her long time on the ship, she discreetly sowed suspicions towards the Captain, and with those seeds of doubt fully grown, she knew now was the time to start planning a mutiny. Of course, she didn't convince others without 'proof'. The Imperial Prince backed her claims and she brought false material proof.

When the time was right, and the Imperial Navy was close, the crew turned on the Captain. The Captain was captured and Drusilia and the crew called for a parley when the Navy was close. Drusilia boarded the Navy with the Prince and captured Captain, and turned them in. She even willingly turned herself in as Captain of the Pirates for punishment. All she asked in return was to let the rest of the pirates go.

The Navy agreed, and thanks to the Prince, she was not punished, but instead rewarded with a position on the Emerald Guard and as a Captain of the Navy. She now remains loyal to the Imperial Prince, and she might have a bit of crush on him as she grew to know him a little more.


Originally Posted by Koradin_Soulforge View Post
@QuirkyJoe - the only commentary I have for that is the Sol dynasty is in Silverstone, not Emerald Empire.
Nooooooo!!!! Fluffy bunnies!!!! I did glance / browse / look / refer to, I swear!

I'll redo that bit pronto.

EDIT: Changed text from Sol Dynasty to Emerald Empire... better now? *bambi eyes*

@Guardian Angel Haruki

I like the pitch. Only minor lore consideration - it would have been a significant thing for a Dragonborn to be in the known world. Which it still could be, but it would be a significant thing that she had known a Dragonborn at all.

Character: Alanis Qinralei
Race: Half Elf
Class: Wizard (War Magic) 11
Role: Commander of the Eastern Mage Legion

Elevator Pitch: Alanis Qinralei joined the Imperial Army when previous Emperor ascended to the throne. She began as an assistant wizard, slowly rising through the ranks and seeing more and more combat. She rose to the rank of Eastern Mage Legion Commander after the battle of Alrior River between the Emerald Empire and the Imperial State of Walr, where she successfully ambushed enemy's battalion with two hundred mages and foot-soldiers, securing victory for the battle. Alanis' headstrong personality didn't win her many favors, but her tactical acumen and magical power satisfied other commanders.

Something about one of the regions - While it seems as chaotic as always, the Petty Kingdoms slowly become more united and turn their gaze towards the vast territories of the Imperial State of Walr. Recently they have been testing the borders with small skirmishes under the guise of overly ambitious kingdoms.

Character: Santos Kurosaki
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Cleric (Life Domain)
Role: Field Medic/ Spell Support

Elevator Pitch:

Soldier in love with healing light cleric, risks his neck and going against orders to protect her on dangerous mission. Determining reaction

Full story in construction please wait.

Setting Information:


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